Snows Commercials Ltd. Truck container refrigeration plant - updated 28 September, 2020
Home Parts Fridge plant removed from insulated fridge container vehicles we are processing
some breaking for spares or sell complete
Stock Ref Reg Year Make Model Veh Type Accessories Notes, information
9196P2013Daf45LF-1804x2 Rigid fridgeCarrier Supra 750 fridge
9179P2007Volvo FHFH134x2 TUFridge in roof locker
9175P2008Daf95XF-105.4606x2 TU Midlift+SteerUnderbunk fridge
9185P2018Iveco460 Stralis Hi-Way6x2 TU Midlift+SteerUnderbunk fridge
9168P2015RenaultT4606x2 TU PusherUnderbunk fridge
9186P2018RenaultT4806x2 TU PusherUnderbunk fridge
9187P2013Volvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherUnderbunk fridge
9113O2014Daf55LF-2204x2 Rigid fridgeWBIF- Carrier Fridge Unit2014 Carrier Supra 1150-12 X MTL 2 400/3/50. Covers inside body though missing one side.
9029O2011ScaniaP2304x2 Rigid fridgeWBIF- Carrier Fridge unitCarrier Supra 950mt SN: GC137025 multi temp type Diesel Electric Inside fridge Evaporator unit big serial No:- EC137190 Inside fridge Evaporator unit small serial No:- EC136077 Wiring not cut- c/w various pipe work - c/w cab control
9105O2011ScaniaP2304x2 Rigid fridgeWBIF- Carrier Fridge UnitCarrier Supra 950mt, multi temp type Diesel Electric c/w cab control. Still mounted on fridge container which is now removed from truck chassis.Loc:PI
9106O2012ScaniaP2806x2 Rigid fridgeWBIF- Carrier Fridge UnitCarrier Supra 950mt s/n: GC208004 multi temp type Diesel Electric c/w cab control. Inside fridge evaperator unit large serial No:- EC209043 Inside fridge evaperator unit small serial No:- EC209182 Parts missing - looks like pump has been swapped, belts are removed - bolts look spannered. Side casing cover has damage - cracked. Few wires have been cut - c/w cab control unit.
9015O2003TrailerGray & AdamsTrailer 3 AxleWBIF- Carrier Fridge unitCarrier fridge unit only to be Removed from Refrigerated 40 feet Trailer, 4 cylinder engine rear cover plate broken. May break for parts