Snows Commercials Ltd. Truck Differential Core - updated 18 February, 2020
Home Parts Faulty, worn damaged Core final drive unit for parts use or repair
Stock Ref Reg Year Make Model Diff Ratio Condition Description
7677H1997Daf4545 (Large Diff)4.56/1Halfshaft bearing gone / Crown wheel and pinion U/S
7264F2003Daf45LF-15045LF Disc brake4.10/1
7704H2002Daf45LF-17045LF Disc brake4.10/1Crown wheel / pinion u/s
8126J2005Daf45LF-17045LF Disc brake4.10/1Pinion bearing gone, centre cluster looks ok, NJJ3691RM
7821I2007Daf45LF-18045LF Disc brake4.10/1Seized
7878I2005Daf55LF-22055LF Dropout5.71/1Diff stripped, c/w & pinion U/S, starwheels worn
8809M2008Daf65CF-22011325.13/1Centre cluster gone
8759M2005FodenAlpha 3000153E & 167E Rockwell>Flange missing,centre cluster gone
7905I2004FodenAlpha 3000153E & 167E Rockwell4.10/1Third Diff smashed wear in main casing rear of input
7776H2004Iveco180E24167E4.89/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8707M2011Iveco340T41 TrakkerMD15 & MS153.78/1 frIn bits - possible pinion bearing gone
8294K2006Iveco440S43T Stralis177E2.85/1Crownwheel/ Pinnion Bad - case appears ok
8248J2008Iveco440S45TX StralisMS 17X2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8456K2010Iveco440S45TX StralisMS 17X2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8509L2008Iveco440S45TX StralisMS 17X2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8023I2007Iveco440S45TX Stralis177E2.85/1Halfshaft snaped inside axle tube - Pinion us
8575L2006Iveco440S48TX Stralis177E2.85/1crown wheel US
7196F2010Iveco75E1675E16 >3.91/1 >Internal cluster
8780M2005Iveco75E1775E173.15/1Centre cluster gone
6917E2004ManTGA 18.410HY1350 033.083/1Pinion bearing gone, flange missing
6853E2006ManTGA 26.430HY1350 033.083/1As Tronic servo Lid (take out)
8723M2011ManTGL 7.180HY0718 003.364/1Centre cluster gone
7921I2006ManTGL 7.180HY0512 003.364/1Pinion bearing collapsed
8331K2006ManTGL 7.180HY0512 003.364/1Pinion bearing collapsed and seased
8100J2007ManTGL 8.180HY0718 003.364/1Diff looks ok, housing rusty
8710M2012ManTGM 18.250HY1133-004.111/1Centre cluster gone
8466K2012ManTGX 26.440HY1350 152.846/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8942N2012ManTGX 26.480HY1350 152.846/1Centre cluster gone
6242C1998Mercedes815 AtegoHL2/43DC-6,23.909/1
7982I2005Mercedes815 AtegoHL2/43DC-6,23.636/1Centre cluster gone
8748M2011MercedesActros 25.46LSHL6/3DC L.S 13T3.076/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8857N2014MercedesActros 2543R440-13,0/C22.52.733/1Diff lock smashed
8810M2014MercedesActros 2545R440-13,0/C22.52.733/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
9032O2015MercedesActros 2545R440-13,0/C22.52.733/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8590L2011MercedesAxor 18.43HL6/3DC L,S 13T3.076/1Pinion sheered,crown wheel / pinion u/s
8862N2012MercedesAxor 25.43HL6/3DC L,S 13T3.076/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
7250F2008MitsubishiCanterCanter 3.5 Ton>
7256F2008MitsubishiCanterCanter 3.5 Ton4.444/14.44
7251F2008MitsubishiCanterCanter 3.5 Ton>Centre cluster & housing ok, crown wheel & pinnion U/S
7816I2004MitsubishiCanterCanter 3.5 Ton>Crown wheel / pinion u/s
7197F2005MitsubishiCanterCanter 7.5 Ton Disc4.875/1 >Faulty diff, visably appears ok
6259C2006MitsubishiCanter 7C14DCanter 7.5 Ton>
8424K2012MitsubishiCanter 7C15Dropout>Centre cluster gone
8839M2014MitsubishiCanter 7C15Dropout>Centre cluster gone
7379G1999Renault210 PremiumP1340G-124.55/1centre cluster U/S, crown wheel & pinion ok
6420D2004Renault420 PremiumP1370A3.08/1
7737H2006Renault440 Premium177E3.08/1centre cluster U/S, crown wheel & pinion ok
7618H2006Renault440 Premium177E3.08/1Crown wheel / pinion ok, centre cluster gone
8241J2008Renault450 PremiumRSS1344C2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8501L2009Renault450 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8216J2008Renault450 PremiumRSS1344C2.85/1Centre Cluster U/S, CW & Pinion looks ok D/L Type
8468K2013Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8443K2011Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8451K2011Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8811M2011Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8394K2010Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1centre cluster gone and seized
8566L2012Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone, diff lock type
8562L2011Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Diff removed & swarf + larger bits of metal in axle case
8308K2010Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Halfshaft snapped inside axle tube,possible repair
8070J2007RenaultMagnum177E2.85/1Pinion bearing gone, centre cluster may be ok
8715M2014RenaultT460P13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S & halfshaft bearing gone
8717M2004Scania124 `R` cabR7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8593L2000Scania124 `R` cabR7803.08/1Input bearing gone
8240J2004Scania164 `R` cabR7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
S8621LScania164 `R` cabR7803.08/1Flange missing,centre cluster gone and rusty
8716M2010ScaniaP360R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8849N2013ScaniaP360R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8751M2007ScaniaP380RB662 & R6603.42/1 rearCentre cluster gone
8681L2013ScaniaP400R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8635L2011ScaniaP400R7803.08/1Worn shaft input
8808M2005ScaniaP420RB660 & R6603.42/1 rrIn bits - 1st & 3rd
8564L2008ScaniaR420R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8679L2006ScaniaR420R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8732M2008ScaniaR420RB662 & R6603.42/1Centre cluster gone
8464K2006ScaniaR420R7803.08/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8277J2007ScaniaR420R7803.08/1Pinion gear worn///no flange
8219J2010ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8910N2012ScaniaR440R7802.71/1Centre cluster gone
8907N2012ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8423K2012ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone, c/w & pinion ok
8614L2010ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Pinion sheered
8628L2010ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Pinion sheered off & missing
8555L2010ScaniaR440R7803.08/1R660 3.42 - Problem with diff lock - no flange
8514L2010ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Siezed, flange missing, halfshaft bearing U/S
8984N2015ScaniaR450R7802.71/1Centre cluster gone
8785M2008ScaniaR480RB662 & R6603.42/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S - no flange
8631L2007ScaniaR480RB662 & R6603.42/1Seized - 1ST & 3RD
8347K2013VolvoFM11RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Pinion bearing gone
8012I2005VolvoFM12RSS1344B2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8051J2005VolvoFM12RSS1344B2.85/1centre cluster gone,wont turn. 2.85/1
8485K2004VolvoFM12RTS2370A3.40/1Crown wheel / pinion U/S, centre cluster gone
8348KVolvoFM12EV87 & EV803.36/1 rrFront EV87 in bits, crown wheel & pinion U/S
8643L2003VolvoFM12RSS1344B2.85/1Halfshaft bearings gone
8789M2004VolvoFM12RTS2370A3.40/1 rear onlyIn bits
7611H2002VolvoFM12EV87 & EV804.30/1 frRear Diff. Pinion bearing gone,main bearing loose EV80
8660L2008VolvoFM13RSS1344C2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8224J2008VolvoFM13RSS1344C2.85/1Centre cluster gone, diff lock assembly removed
8828M2010VolvoFM13RTS2370A3.09/1 rrFront In bits - 1st & 3rd
8930N2008VolvoFM13RTS2370A3.09/1 rrFront Internal problem, 1st & 3rd
8040J2008VolvoFM13RSS1344C2.85/1Later type,welded centre. Centre cluster gone
8556L2009VolvoFM13MS17X3.08/1pinion bearing gone,crown wheel and pinion us,centre cluster gone
8678L2009VolvoFM13RTS2370A3.09/1Siezed - internal issue
7306F2002VolvoFM7RS1344SV3.08/1Casing c/w crown wheel & pinion (no centre cluster)
7961I1999VolvoFM7RS1344SV3.36/1Centre cluster gone
8820M2006VolvoFM9RSS1344B3.08/1Centre cluster gone
8513L2005VolvoFM9RSS1344B3.08/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8659L2009VolvoFM9RTS2370A3.40/1 rrFront. 1st & 3rd diff - rear missing
9038O2013Volvo FHFH V4RSS1356 (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / Case U/S
9093O2014Volvo FHFH V4RSS1356 (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8883N2013Volvo FHFH V4RSS1356 (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S - hole in case
8531L2005Volvo FHFH12RSS1344B3.08/1Diff lock and shaff input U/S
8343K2005Volvo FHFH12RSS1344B3.08/1Diff lock u/s,side of diff damged by halfshaft
8467K2011Volvo FHFH13RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Centre cluster gone. Note this diff is an MS17X 2.85
8935N2013Volvo FHFH13RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S & case U/S
9020O2012Volvo FHFH13RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S & case U/S
8986N2012Volvo FHFH13RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S - Case OK - No flange
8135J2006Volvo FHFH13RSS1344B3.36/1Crown wheel / pinion U/S, centre cluster might be ok.
7809I2008Volvo FHFH13RSS1344C2.85/1Crown wheel / pinion U/S, centre cluster ok
8140J2006Volvo FHFH13RSS1344B2.85/1Smashed centre & housing, c/w & pinion may be ok?
8236J2006Volvo FHFH13RSS1344B2.85/1Teeth off CW + Pinion. Centre cluster worn, but not aparantly smashed. Case ok