Truck Cab Stock

Part of our huge range of cabs in stock, from typical vehicle model types as listed, please contact us for requirements not listed. All offered subject to being unsold.

Note: we sell from complete cabs , to partially trimmed, with or without doors, grills, wings. We produce cabs to your requirements, please discuss the specification you require, and we will endeavour to match it.

We also can offer a cab fitting service.

MakeModelRegYearTypeCabCab Notes
Daf45LF-15020064x2 FlatDayCab looks ok, but most of plastic on outside of cab starting to melt, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8332K
Daf65CF-25020054x2 Rigid vanDayN/S door swapped Keys:- Yes. Reference - CH8243J
Daf65CF-25020064x2 TautlinerSpace cab Keys:- Yes Reference - CG8604L
Daf75CF-31020064x2 DemountDayTidy day cab, Keys:- No. Reference - CG8472K
Daf75CF-31020036x2 Rigid rear liftDay Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG7955I
Daf85CF-41020124x2 TUSleeper low roofReference - PI8804M Keys:- Yes (ignition loose).
Daf85CF-43020056x2 TU Midlift+SteerSleeper low Roof Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8227J
Daf95XF-105.41020126x2 TU Midlift+SteerSpace cabN/S cab `A` pillar & door damage, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CH8356K
Daf95XF-43020046x2 TU Midlift+SteerSpace cabTidy cab, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CH7072E, cab location PI.
DafCF-400 (Euro 6)20144x2 TUSleeperLow roof sleeper cab, bulkhead & back panel damaged, later type chassis legs. Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8796M
ErfECX1120016x2 TU PusherSleeperHi roof Olympic sleeper cab, Good Doors, grill, seats, no gauges, some modules. Less Night heater Keys:- Yes. Reference - PI7175F
Iveco140E2220094x2 Rigid vanDayCab appears ok, grill & N/S corner panel smashed, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8833M
Iveco440S45TX Stralis20086x2 TU Midlift+SteerActive Space Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8509L
Iveco440S54TX Stralis20066x2 TU Midlift+SteerActive spaceTidy cab, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8360K
Iveco440S56TX Stralis20086x2 TU Midlift+SteerSleeperHi roof Active space cab, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8329K
Iveco75E1620074x2 TautlinerDayTidy cab, cable dash gearchange, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8125J
Iveco75E1720054x2 TautlinerDay Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8122J
Iveco75E1720034x2 TautlinerDayLater facelift type cab, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8179J
Iveco75E1720064x2 Chassis CabDayVery tidy cab, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8569L
ManTGA 18.36020024x2 TUSleeperSleeper Low roof narrow cab, less seats, tachograph, lower wings. Keys:- Yes. Cab now at Pilning yard. Reference - PI6870E
ManTGA 26.31020066x2 Rigid rear liftRestRest cab back and interior back panel burnt in centre,No Seats some electronics missing. A nice cab Keys:- Yes. Reference - CH6348D, cab location PI.
Mercedes2528 Atego20026x2 Rigid rear liftDay Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG7956I
Renault160 Dxi Midlum20084x2 Rigid vanDay Keys:- Yes. Reference - PI8425K
Renault160 Dxi Midlum20084x2 Rigid vanDay Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8426K
Renault180 Midlum20054x2 Rigid vanDay Keys:- Yes. Cab now at Pilning yard. Reference - PI7688H
Renault240 DXI Midlum20084x2 TautlinerSleeperLow roof sleeper cab, dented back of cab. Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8613L
RenaultMagnum20086x2 TU PusherSleeper Keys:- Yes.(cab locked, keys on office board A7). Reference -CG8484K
Scania114 `P` cab20038x4 Dropside craneDayO/S door jam & bottom of door damaged, need to check chassis legs, Keys:- Yes. Cab taken to Chippenham 14/10/15 Reference - CH7742H
ScaniaP23020084x2 Rigid fridgeSleeperCP19 Sleeper, Tidy cab Reference - CG8850N Keys:- Yes.
ScaniaR42020074x2 TUSleeperVery tidy white cab, standard roof cab with larger locker door, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8287K
ScaniaR47020066x2 TU Midlift+SteerSleeperR series cab with standard roof, Keys:- No. Reference - CG8483K
VolvoFL719966x4 TipperDayCab has a bit of rust on back panel lower edges, otherwise ok, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG6742E
VolvoFM1220054x2 TUGlobetrotterSlight damage to rear gutter, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG7966I
VolvoFM1220054x2 TUGlobetrotter Keys:- Yes. Reference - CH8009I
VolvoFM1220054x2 TUGlobetrotter Keys:- Yes. Reference - PI8010I
VolvoFM1220054x2 TUGlobetrotter Keys:- Yes. Reference - PI8011I
VolvoFM1220054x2 TUGlobetrotter Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8012I
VolvoFM1320076x2 TU PusherGlobetrotterVery tidy cab, could be fitted to a much later vehicle, Keys:- Yes. (cab locked, keys on office board A5). Reference - CG8248K
VolvoFM1320066x2 TU PusherGlobetrotter Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8623L
VolvoFM719994x2 Rigid fridgeDayDay cab less seats and some electrics, Keys:- Yes. Reference - CH7556G
VolvoFM920024x2 TUSleeperLow roof sleeper cab has Doors seats grills, no dash instruments or modules Keys:- Yes. Reference - PI7224F
Volvo FHFH1220046x2 TU PusherLow roof sleeper Keys:- Yes. Reference - CG8293K
Volvo FHFH1320076x2 TU PusherGlobetrotter Keys:- Yes. Reference - CH8131J
Volvo FHFH1320076x2 TU PusherXL Globetrotter Keys:- Yes. Top Bunk + 150 Reference - CG8383K