Core Unit Differential Stock Database

The following lists Faulty and return old unit parts for parts use and repair from vehicles and plant that we have recently bought into stock, please contact us for any requirements not shown below. All offered subject to being unsold.

7264FDaf45LF-1504x2 Tautliner45LF Disc brake2003Core DiffNJJ3691RM short diff
8739MDaf45LF-1504x2 Rigid fridge45LF Disc brake2006Core DiffCentre cluster gone, c/w & pinion ok
8217JDaf45LF-1604x2 Rigid van45LF Disc brake2008Core Diffcentre cluster & pinion U/S
8667LDaf45LF-1604x2 Tautliner45LF Disc brake2012Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion / U/S
7704HDaf45LF-1704x2 Recycling45LF Disc brake2002Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion u/s
8126JDaf45LF-1704x2 Rigid fridge45LF Disc brake2005Core DiffPinion bearing gone, centre cluster looks ok, NJJ3691RM
7821IDaf45LF-1804x2 Rigid van45LF Disc brake2007Core DiffSeized
7878IDaf55LF-2204x2 Tautliner55LF Dropout2005Core DiffDiff stripped, c/w & pinion U/S, starwheels worn
7905IFodenAlpha 30008x4 Dropside crane153E & 167E Rockwell2004Core DiffThird Diff smashed wear in main casing rear of input
7776HIveco180E244x2 Rigid van167E2004Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion / U/S
8707MIveco340T41 Trakker8x4 MixerMD15 & MS152011Core DiffIn bits - possible pinion bearing gone
8294KIveco440S43T Stralis4x2 Transporter177E2006Core DiffCrownwheel/ Pinnion Bad - case appears ok
8248JIveco440S45TX Stralis6x2 TU Midlift+SteerMS 17X2008Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8456KIveco440S45TX Stralis6x2 TU Midlift+SteerMS 17X2010Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8509LIveco440S45TX Stralis6x2 TU Midlift+SteerMS 17X2008Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8023IIveco440S45TX Stralis6x2 TU Pusher177E2007Core DiffHalfshaft snaped inside axle tube - Pinion us
8575LIveco440S48TX Stralis4x2 TU177E2006Core Diffcrown wheel US
7196FIveco75E164x2 Chassis Cab75E16 >2010Core DiffInternal cluster
8780MIveco75E174x2 Scaffold75E172005Core DiffCentre cluster gone
6917EManTGA 18.4104x2 TUHY1350 032004Core DiffPinion bearing gone, flange missing
6853EManTGA 26.4306x2 TU PusherHY1350 032006Core Diff4213550110As Tronic servo Lid (take out)
8723MManTGL 7.1804x2 Rigid vanHY0718 002011Core DiffCentre cluster gone
7921IManTGL 7.1804x2 TautlinerHY0512 002006Core DiffPinion bearing collapsed
8331KManTGL 7.1804x2 Rigid vanHY0512 002006Core DiffPinion bearing collapsed and seased
8100JManTGL 8.1804x2 TautlinerHY0718 002007Core DiffDiff looks ok, housing rusty
8710MManTGM 18.2504x2 Rigid fridgeHY1133-002012Core DiffCentre cluster gone
6242CMercedes815 Atego4x2 Chassis CabHL2/43DC-6,21998Core DiffOld stock not a return
7982IMercedes815 Atego4x2 Rigid vanHL2/43DC-6,22005Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8748MMercedesActros 25.46LS6x2 TU PusherHL6/3DC L.S 13T2011Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion / U/S
8810MMercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherR440-13,0/C22.52014Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion / U/S
8590LMercedesAxor 18.434x2 TUHL6/3DC L,S 13T2011Core DiffPinion sheered,crown wheel / pinion u/s
7250FMitsubishiCanter4x2 Chassis CabCanter 3.5 Ton2008Core DiffNo Flange
7256FMitsubishiCanter4x2 BeavertailCanter 3.5 Ton2008Core Diff4.44No Flange
7251FMitsubishiCanter4x2 Chassis CabCanter 3.5 Ton2008Core DiffCentre cluster & housing ok, crown wheel & pinnion U/S
7816IMitsubishiCanter4x2 Rigid dropsideCanter 3.5 Ton2004Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion u/s
7197FMitsubishiCanter4x2 TautlinerCanter 7.5 Ton Disc2005Core DiffFaulty diff, visably appears ok
6259CMitsubishiCanter 7C14D4x2 TipperCanter 7.5 Ton2006Core Diff
8424KMitsubishiCanter 7C154x2 Cage bodyDropout2012Core DiffCentre cluster gone
7379GRenault210 Premium4x2 Rigid dropsideP1340G-121999Core Diffcentre cluster U/S, crown wheel & pinion ok
6420DRenault420 Premium6x2 TU PusherP1370A2004Core Diff
7737HRenault440 Premium6x2 TU Pusher177E2006Core Diffcentre cluster U/S, crown wheel & pinion ok
7618HRenault440 Premium6x2 TU Pusher177E2006Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion ok, centre cluster gone
8241JRenault450 Premium6x2 TU PusherRSS1344C2008Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8501LRenault450 Premium6x2 TU PusherP13170/2 (MS 17X)2009Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8216JRenault450 Premium6x2 TU PusherRSS1344C2008Core DiffRSS1344CCentre Cluster U/S, CW & Pinion looks ok D/L Type
8468KRenault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherP13170/2 (MS 17X)2013Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8443KRenault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherP13170/2 (MS 17X)2011Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8451KRenault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherP13170/2 (MS 17X)2011Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8811MRenault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherP13170/2 (MS 17X)2011Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8394KRenault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherP13170/2 (MS 17X)2010Core Diffcentre cluster gone and seized
8566LRenault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherP13170/2 (MS 17X)2012Core DiffCentre cluster gone, diff lock type
8562LRenault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherP13170/2 (MS 17X)2011Core DiffDiff removed & swarf + larger bits of metal in axle case
8308KRenault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherP13170/2 (MS 17X)2010Core DiffHalfshaft snapped inside axle tube,possible repair
8070JRenaultMagnum6x2 TU Pusher177E2007Core DiffPinion bearing gone, centre cluster may be ok
8715MRenaultT4606x2 TU PusherP13170/2 (MS 17X)2014Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion / U/S & halfshaft bearing gone
8593LScania124 `R` cab6x2 TU Midlift+SteerR7802000Core DiffInput bearing gone
8240JScania164 `R` cab6x2 TU Midlift+SteerR7802004Core DiffCentre cluster gone
S8621LScania164 `R` cab6x2 TU Midlift+SteerR780Core DiffFlange missing,centre cluster gone and rusty
8635LScaniaP4004x2 TUR7802011Core DiffWorn shaft input
8808MScaniaP4208x4 TipperRB660 & R6602005Core DiffIn bits - 1st & 3rd
8851NScaniaR2706x2 Rigid rear liftR6602008Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8564LScaniaR4206x2 TU Midlift+SteerR7802008Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8679LScaniaR4204x2 TUR7802006Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8732MScaniaR4208x4 TipperRB662 & R6602008Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8464KScaniaR4204x2 TUR7802006Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion / U/S
8277JScaniaR4206x2 TU Midlift+SteerR7802007Core DiffPinion gear worn///no flange
8219JScaniaR4406x2 TU Rear liftR7802010Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8910NScaniaR4406x2 TU PusherR7802012Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8423KScaniaR4406x2 TU Midlift+SteerR7802012Core DiffCentre cluster gone, c/w & pinion ok
8614LScaniaR4406x2 TU Rear liftR7802010Core DiffPinion sheered
8628LScaniaR4406x2 TU Rear liftR7802010Core DiffR780Pinion sheered off & missing
8555LScaniaR4406x2 TU Midlift+SteerR7802010Core DiffR660 3.42 - Problem with diff lock - no flange
8514LScaniaR4406x2 TU Midlift+SteerR7802010Core DiffSiezed, flange missing, halfshaft bearing U/S
8785MScaniaR4808x4 TipperRB662 & R6602008Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion / U/S - no flange
8631LScaniaR4806x4 TURB662 & R6602007Core DiffSeized - 1ST & 3RD
8012IVolvoFM124x2 TURSS1344B2005Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8051JVolvoFM124x2 TURSS1344B2005Core Diffcentre cluster gone,wont turn. 2.85/1
8485KVolvoFM128x4 TipperRTS2370A2004Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion U/S, centre cluster gone
7025EVolvoFM128x4 TipperEV871999Core DiffEV87
8348KVolvoFM128x4 HookliftEV87 & EV80Core DiffEV87 in bits, crown wheel & pinion U/S
7611HVolvoFM128x4 TipperEV87 & EV802002Core DiffPinion bearing gone,main bearing loose EV80
8660LVolvoFM136x2 TU PusherRSS1344C2008Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8224JVolvoFM134x2 TURSS1344C2008Core DiffCentre cluster gone, diff lock assembly removed
8828MVolvoFM138x4 TipperRTS2370A2010Core DiffIn bits - 1st & 3rd
8930NVolvoFM138x4 TipperRTS2370A2008Core DiffInternal problem, 1st & 3rd
8040JVolvoFM136x2 TU PusherRSS1344C2008Core DiffLater type,welded centre. Centre cluster goneThrown star wheel pins
8556LVolvoFM136x2 TU Rear liftMS17X2009Core Diffpinion bearing gone,crown wheel and pinion us,centre cluster gone
8678LVolvoFM138x4 TipperRTS2370A2009Core DiffSiezed - internal issue
7306FVolvoFM74x2 TautlinerRS1344SV2002Core DiffCasing c/w crown wheel & pinion (no centre cluster)
7961IVolvoFM76x2 Rigid rear liftRS1344SV1999Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8659LVolvoFM96x4 TipperRTS2370A2009Core Diff1st & 3rd diff - rear missing
8820MVolvoFM94x2 Rigid fridgeRSS1344B2006Core DiffCentre cluster gone
8513LVolvoFM94x2 Rigid fridgeRSS1344B2005Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion / U/S
8883NVolvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherRSS1356 (EV91)2013Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion / U/S - hole in case
8531LVolvo FHFH126x2 TU PusherRSS1344B2005Core DiffDiff lock and shaff input U/S
8343KVolvo FHFH126x2 TU PusherRSS1344B2005Core DiffDiff lock u/s,side of diff damged by halfshaft
7868IVolvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherRSS1344B2006Core DiffBuilt up Some centre wear star wheels
8467KVolvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherRS1356SV (EV91)2011Core DiffCentre cluster gone. Note this diff is an MS17X 2.85
8935NVolvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherRS1356SV (EV91)2013Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion / U/S & case U/S
8135JVolvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherRSS1344B2006Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion U/S, centre cluster might be ok.
7809IVolvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherRSS1344C2008Core DiffCrown wheel / pinion U/S, centre cluster ok
8997OVolvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherRS1356SV (EV91)2011Core DiffRS1356SV crown wheel & pinion u/s
8140JVolvo FHFH134x2 TURSS1344B2006Core DiffSmashed centre & housing, c/w & pinion may be ok?
8236JVolvo FHFH134x2 TURSS1344B2006Core DiffTeeth off CW + Pinion. Centre cluster worn, but not aparantly smashed. Case ok