Core Unit Gearbox Stock Database

The following lists Faulty and return old unit parts for parts use and repair from vehicles and plant that we have recently bought into stock, please contact us for any requirements not shown below. All offered subject to being unsold.

8626LDaf45LF-1404x2 Rigid vanS5.422009Core GboxTurns
8872NDaf45LF-1404x2 TautlinerS5.422008Core GboxTurns
7859IDennisDartBusAllison AT545RM2001Core GboxTurns
8158JErfECL4x2 TautlinerS5.422002Core GboxIn bits
8685LIsuzuN75.190 Forward4x2 Rigid fridgeEasyshift (Auto)2012Core GboxTurns
7690HIsuzuNQR4x2 TipperCast case2001Core GboxNo plate - Turns
8991NIveco180E244x2 Rigid dropsideFSO/5206B2006Core GboxTurns
8204JIveco75E154x2 Tipper2845.52000Core GboxTurns - tight - two range units
8915NIveco75E164x2 Tautliner6AS700 T0 (less ecu)2011Core GboxDoes not turn
8569LIveco75E174x2 Chassis Cab2855A52006Core GboxTurns - 8870830
8291KManTGA 26.4406x2 TU Pusher12AS 2130 TD2007Core GboxTurns
8475KManTGX 26.4406x2 TU Pusher12AS2130 TD2009Core GboxTurns
8334KManTGX 26.4406x2 TU Pusher12AS2130 TD2008Core GboxTurns
8091JManTGX 26.4406x2 TU Pusher12AS2130 TD2008Core GboxTurns
8670LMercedes815 Atego4x2 FlatG562005Core GboxIn bits - no flange
8102JMercedes816 Atego4x2 Chassis CabG56-62007Core GboxTurns
8599LMercedes816 Atego4x2 BeavertailG56-62007Core GboxTurns - tight
8903NMercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherG211-122015Core Gbox
8846NMercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherG211-122013Core Gbox8Turns
8453KMitsubishiCanter4x2 Recovery5 Speed2000Core GboxCore Gearbox - Turns
8839MMitsubishiCanter 7C154x2 Rigid fridgeDuonic Auto2014Core GboxTurns
8238JRenault180 Midlum4x2 RecoveryS5.422006Core GboxTurns
8491KRenault180 Midlum4x2 Rigid vanS5.422006Core GboxTurns
8162JRenault420 Premium4x2 TU12AS23012004Core GboxTurns, turret swapped
8743MRenault450 Premium6x2 TU PusherAT2412C2007Core GboxTurns
7659HScania114 `P` cab6x2 TU Midlift+SteerGRS900 >2000Core GboxGRS900 gearbox minus case, leyshaft, Mainsfaft
8593LScania124 `R` cab6x2 TU Midlift+SteerGRS9002000Core GboxTurns rough and no turret
8863NScaniaP3604x2 TUGR9052013Core GboxCase u/s & bell housing u/s cracked on Mount lug
7882IScaniaP4206x2 TU Rear liftGRS900 Opticruise2005Core GboxOpticruise top only
8898NScaniaR4206x2 TU Midlift+SteerGRS905 Opticruise2012Core GboxTurns - PTO smashed of, looks like prop thrown
8822MVolvoFL6-H4x2 TUFS/5206A V2002Core GboxTurns
8009IVolvoFM124x2 TUVT2412B2005Core GboxRange unit only
8010IVolvoFM124x2 TUVT2412B2005Core GboxRange unit,turret and selector only