Faulty and damaged take out gearboxes Stock Database

The following lists a sample of damaged and faulty gearboxes from vehicles, trailers and plant that we have recently bought into stock, mostly from breaking trucks and plant, some are fire damaged or have damaged cases from accident.

StockRefMakeModelRegYearGearboxGearbox Notes
8196JDaf452000S5.42 >1307 050 228, top of bellhousing lightly burnt over but will clean up.
8782MDaf85CF-340200512AS1630 TD >1327 037 011, Auto box in trouble.
8790MDaf85CF-410201012AS2130 T >Transmission fault showing on dash display. Cant see plate, EPC says this type.
8901NDaf85CF-410200912AS2130 TD >1353 030 006, Gearbox lid loose/swapped.
8959NDaf85CF-410200912AS2130 TD >Cant read plate, should be this type.
8950NDaf85CF-41020088S2220 T0 >Manual box, no plate type from EPC. Recon Box December 2017 also new clutch fitted.
8232JDaf85CF-430200512AS2130 TD>1353 030 005 LID SOLD - main box only available
8911NDaf95XF-105.460201212AS >Bellhousing smashed, cant see plate as is. Sell for parts
8367KDaf95XF-105.460200812AS >Cant see plate.
8683LDaf95XF-105.460201312AS2330 TD >1353 031 005, Casing cracked, possibly holed?
8149JDaf95XF-105.510201312AS2540TD >1329 032 013, back of box smashed out.(Torn Out) lid cracked Parts use only. Location:- AG
8977NDafCF-330 (Euro 6)2015AS >Cant see a plate, bellhousing/front casing smashed.
7926IDennisDart2002Voith >Burnt.
8457KFodenAlpha 30002000RTSO17316A>Oil drained and a piece of selector was in the oil.
6959EFordEconoline 3501990Auto >
8440KIsuzuN75.190 Forward2008Easyshift (Auto) >Reputed has oil pump problem and clutch ring burnt out sell as main unit less easy shift @ 400 and easyshift separate @ 400 may have some parts missing
8855NIsuzuN75.190 Forward2013Easyshift (Auto) >Auto. DO NOT ALLOW TORQUE CONVERTER TO BE SEPERATED from unit - Returned aleging jumping out of gear 2nd & believe 4th needs synchros Tacho 194,179km. 1750 + vat outright. Agri Shed
7273FIveco180E252009Allison >TIDA 3000, CPN:- 504199618, S/N 6520102475, 08J08, top of casing looks like its just starting to melt. See image y of plate..
6547DIveco440E40 Cursor200312AS 2301 >Bellhousing/main casing & rear casing all cracked, 1327 030 009
8294KIveco440S43T Stralis200612AS2301 DD >No plate, type checked on EPC & it does say DD.
8445KIveco440S45T Stralis200712AS2330 TD >1353 031 003, top of gearbox burnt, plate in file.
8794MIveco440S45TX Stralis201412AS2330 TD >Gearbox ECU missing, cant quite make out stuck number see image L.
8373KIveco50C1519922826.5 >Gearbox burnt over, But not to bad
7683HIveco75E152845.5 >8859239, lightly burnt over.
8154JIveco75E1720012855.5 >8869480, burnt over.
8307KIveco75E1720052855S5 >8870830 casing burnt over.
6796EIvecoAutocruise Pinto2007ZF >Casing smashed, cant see plate.
8089JLindeHercules 12/6001988>
7552GMan19.4142001RT15316AAS >Gearbox in trouble. With auto servo shift
8336KManTGA 26.430200512AS >Cant make out numbers on plate.
8378KManTGA 26.440200712AS >Cant see plate.
7829IManTGA 26.4402007ZF >Severely burnt.
8925NManTGM 18.240200812AS 1210 T0 >1336 033 022, Gearbox problem.
8954NManTGM 18.240200812AS 1210 T0 >No plate, Faulty gearbox. Offered Hans 19/11/18 @ 550
8305KManTGS 26.440200912AS2130 TD >1353 030 009 Does not turn.
8380KManTGX 26.440200712AS >Auto, no plate.
8890NMercedes1218 Atego2005G 60-6 >No plate, type checked on EPC, 715050. Small piece broken/coroded out of bellhousing + bolt sheered off into casing on O/S rear mounting.
6950EMercedes1317 AtegoG 60-6 >No plate, looks like this type.
8968NMercedes1323 Atego2016G 90-6 >71506601679123, Cable changed, case cracked by O/S rear mounting, see images K & L. Location - Covind
7308FMercedes8141997S5.42 >1307 050 128, end of input shaft worn from spigot bearing.
8864NMercedesActros 18242016G140-8 >Gearbox casing burnt + ali melted over rear, 71531001788738. Cleaned up 23/03/19 turns over, best to sell to reconditioner. Parts or Repair
8983NMercedesActros 25452014G211-12 >No plate, usually this type. Tacho: 650960km
8807MMercedesArocs 32402014Auto >Autobox, no plate.
8087JMercedesAxor 18.432009G211-12 >71535000775385 / 773334. Servo Missing Rear mounting cracked off
8781MMercedesAxor 18.432013G211-12 > less ecu71535001236108, front casing smashed + N/S/R mounting smashed off. Parts only. ECU looks ok 800 from side ofg box
8630LMercedesAxor 25.432014G211-12 >71535001305186, lug torn off o/s top of gearbox. See image k. Loc: Agri Shed
7646HOptareAutobus2003Allison >Casing melted.
7817IOptareM9202003Auto box >Casing starting to melt.
8721MRenault240 DXI Premium20096S1000 >No plate, EPC says this type. Hence > marker
8443KRenault460 Premium2011AT2412D >3190584, drain bung loose, tacho seal not connected, bolt on housing on nearside of gearbox is holed, gearbox looks like its been recently removed as pictures show underneath, but not from the top.
8826MRenault460 Premium2012AT2412D >Can only make out the part number SP 3190384, top of gearbox burnt over.
7410GRenaultMagnum2006VT2412B >Feels rough when turning input shaft. Turns but some resistance
8056JScaniaCK28019995HP600N >Type checked on EPC.
8961NScaniaP2302008GR875 >Bellhousing/main case smashed, also oil leaking from rear oil seal. Gearbox turns Price Reflects damage
8403KScaniaP3202013GR875 >Loc:AG Front, main & rear casings all smashed, end of input shaft spigot sheared off.
8948NScaniaR4002010GRSO905 Opticruise >Bellhousing cracked/smashed, with clutch pedal. Turns fine, looks like a front ali case change would sort damage.
8905NScaniaR4402013GRS905 Opticruise >Gearbox Loose on back of vehicle, possibly swapped? With clutch pedal. Will not Turn
8984NScaniaR4502015GRS905 Opticruise >Main casing smashed in half, but gears still aligned up. Needs case change, type checked with Scania, less ECU on n/s of box
7032ESeddonUnknown,2003Allison Auto >Bellhousing melted.
8363KVolvoB10M1996>Burnt & damaged at bottom.
7803HVolvoB10MZF Auto >No plate.
6432DVolvoFL6-141998MD3060PR Allison >Hole melted through casing.
8828MVolvoFM132010I shift >Cant see plate. Tacho 414671km
8757MVolvoFMX2014AT2412E >SP3190717, burnt over on top. Different range unit to take steering pump Loc:COV
8981NVolvoFMX2015AT2612E >3190717, lid appears to be sagging from heat, stuff burnt over top & side of gearbox.
8352KVolvoOlympian1994ZF >Casing burnt over.
8799MVolvo FHFH V42014AT2612D >Plate painted over can very fainty see numbers.
8979NVolvo FHFH132011AT2612D >3190576, gearbox burnt over. 1100