New Arrival Stock Database

The following lists vehicles, trailers and plant that we have recently bought into stock, mostly for breaking for parts, please contact us for any requirements not shown below. All offered subject to being unsold.
This is just the specification of the vehicles, some parts shown here may not be available.

9013O2006Daf55LF-1804x2 Tautliner
9011O2011Mercedes1018 Atego4x2 FlatManual
9008O2011ScaniaP3608x4 TipperDC13 06 (360hp)GR905RB662 & R660
9007O2009Daf65CF-2504x2 Rigid vanGR184 S1
9006O2010VolvoFM136x2 TU Pusher
9005O2014DafXF Euro 64x2 TUMX-13.340 H1(460hp)>12AS2330 TD1344
9003O2013Daf65CF-2504x2 TautlinerGR184 U16AS1000 T01132
9000O2015Iveco75E164x2 Rigid vanF4AFE411A6AS700 T0 (less ecu)75E16
8999O2007ScaniaR4806x2 TU Midlift+SteerDT12 17 480hpGRSO905R780
8998O2014VolvoFM136x2 TU PusherD13 460AT2612DRS1356SV (EV91)
8997O2011Volvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherD13C460EUV VEBAT2612DRS1356SV (EV91)
8996O2015ManTGX 26.4806x2 TU PusherD2676 LF2512AS2330 TDHY1350 15
8995O2012Daf45LF-1804x2 Rigid vanFR136 U26S700 T045LF Disc brake
8994O2007VolvoFM94x2 TautlinerD9B300 EC06 VEBAT2412CRSS1344C
8993N2016ScaniaP3604x2 TUDC9 (360hp)
8992N2014Iveco75E184x2 DemountF4AE3481BAuto
8990N1999Daf454x2 Rigid dropside317 LeylandS5.4245
8987N2011MitsubishiCanter 7C184x2 Chassis Cab4P10-6AT66 Speed ali caseDropout
8986N2012Volvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherD13C460EUV VEB >AT2612DRS1356SV (EV91)
8985N2015Daf65CF-2204x2 Rigid van220hp (Euro 6)6AS1000 T0 (less ECU1132
8984N2015ScaniaR4506x2 TU PusherDC13 147 450hp >GRS905 Opticruise >R780
8982N2014Iveco160E214x2 Rigid vanF4AFE4> to checkManual
8981N2015VolvoFMX8x4 TipperD13 >AT2612E >RTS2370A
8979N2011Volvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherD13C460 >AT2612D >RS1356SV (EV91)
8978N2005Daf55LF-1804x2 Flat
8977N2015DafCF-330 (Euro 6)6x2 Rigid rear liftMX-11 240H1 (330hp)>AS >1344
8972N2011VolvoFM116x2 TautlinerD11C330-EU V VEBAT2612DRSS1344C
8969N2014RenaultT4304x2 TU430hpAT2412EP13170/2 (MS 17X)
8961N2008ScaniaP2304x2 TautlinerDC9 16 (230hp) >GR875 >R560
8960N2012Daf55LF-2204x2 Rigid fridgeGR 165 U16AS1000 T0(less ecu)1132
8953N2012IsuzuN75.190 Forward4x2 Rigid fridge4HK1 XS >Easyshift (Auto)Dropout
8952N2015DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Midlift+Steer460hp12AS2330 TD1344
8948N2010ScaniaR4006x2 TU Midlift+SteerDC13 05 400hp >GRSO905 Opticruise >R780
8947N2013Iveco180E254x2 Rigid vanF4AE3681D6AS800 T0 (less ecu)CVC
8946N2014VolvoFM134x2 TUD13 >AT2612DRS1356SV (EV91)
8944N2011Daf55LF-2204x2 Rigid fridgeGR 165 U16S800 T01132
8938N2016MercedesAtego Euro 64x2 Rigid vanEuro 6G70-6R325-6,2/C17.5
8936N2010Volvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherD13C460EUV VEBAT2612DRS1356SV (EV91)
8931N2014RenaultT4606x2 TU PusherDTI 11 460 EUVIAT2412EP13170/2 (MS 17X)
8928N2015ScaniaG4104x2 TU410hp >GRS895 >R780