Snows Commercials Ltd. Refrigerated / Insulated Truck Body - updated 19 April, 2021
HomePartsBodywork Fridge body with or without cooling system
Reg Year Make Model Body Refrigerated Truck Body Notes and brief information
2012ManTGM 18.25026ft 3 1/2" Fridge bodySlight damage to O/S/F corner, 6ft 10 1/2" high to rear door rail, 8ft 2 1/4" high internal to roof, 8ft 6 1/2" wide, 34" runners, rear roller door, has side door on nearside. Ref; XCG9201p. Loc PI.
HomePartsBodywork Insulated body without cooling system, suit reuse or storage
Reg Year Make Model Body Insulated Truck Body ideal secure storage for builder, workshop, equestrian
2013Daf45LF-16015ft 4 1/2" Insulated boxPaneltex insulated fridge body bulkhead pushed in at top + crack on N/S bulkhead, top trim loose & some rivets out on side cover, inner bulkhead panel loose inside, N/S door sealed up inside, couple of scaggs in N/S of body, double rear doors, small lockable cupboard at front, 7ft 4 1/2" high internal, 8ft 2" wide, 33 3/4" runners. Ref; XCG9231q. Loc PI