Snows Commercials Ltd. Tipper truck & Hook loader Body - updated 6 November, 2019
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Reg Year Make Model Body Tipper Truck Body Notes
2014DafCF-440 (Euro 6)17ft 9" TipperKelberg Steel Tipper body light burnt at front, underfloor gear, approx 36" sides, 8ft 1 1/2" wide with 31 1/4" runners. C/w Subframe with crane mounting, underfloor gear sold less crane Reference; XCG8824M
2014RenaultPremium Lander20ft 7" TipperWilcox FSWF.IE aluminium insulated tipper body with Easy sheet, split tailboard, approx 52" sides, 8ft 2" wide with 32 1/2" runners (chassis width 33 1/2"). Front ladder smashed. + Edbro tipper ram, extra. 650 CX1400405041A472 tank at bottom a bit rusty on O/S & has a slight dent at front of tank.Reference; XCG9039O
2009ScaniaR42020ft 10" TipperSteel body approx length, Easy sheet, 3ft 10" sides (outsides), 8ft 3 1/4" wide, 30 1/4"runners. Body less ram 2000 / Edbro front end ram 650. Reference; XCG9073O
2015VolvoFMX21ft 1 1/2" TipperSteel Tipper. Front bulkhead burnt on N/S, 41 1/2" sides, 8ft 1 1/2" wide, 33 1/2" runners, easysheet burnt + top front cover damaged. Front ram mount position. Rear hinge + 250 Reference; XCG8981N
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Reg Year Make Model Body Selected reuseable hooklift / Hook Loader gears