Snows Commercials Ltd. Tipper truck & Hook loader Body - updated 19 April, 2021
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Reg Year Make Model Body Tipper Truck Body Notes
2012Daf85CF-41019ft 5 1/4" Tipper bodyThompson type steel. Front bulkhead burnt over, tipper body worn through at rear from grab bucket, underfloor rams, 41" sides, 7ft 11 1/4" wide, 31" runners. Ref; XCG9119o
2014IsuzuN50.15012ft 5 1/2" Tipper bodyType of Body used by Landscape Gardeners for blowing chopped vegitation into, lockable storage at front, Tipper body4ft 7 1/2" high sides, 6ft 9 1/2" wide with 29 1/2" runners. Ref; XCG9147p. Loc CG
2014IsuzuN75.150 Forward12ft 1 1/2" Tipper bodySteel double dropside tarmac tipper body, triple opening compartments on rear door, 21 1/2" sides, 7ft 2 1/2" wide with 33 1/8" runners. Body, Subframe and Ram. XCG9090o
2015MercedesArocs 324320ft 11" Tipper bodyCharlton steel tipper body, front bulkhead lightly burnt on N/S, easysheet burnt, approx 41 1/2" sides, 8ft 1" wide, 29 3/4" runners, VPG onboard weigher - may not work!, price is less the burnt tipper ram. Ref, XCG9224p
2014RenaultPremium Lander20ft 7" TipperWilcox FSWF.IE aluminium insulated tipper body with Easy sheet, split tailboard, approx 52" sides, 8ft 2" wide with 32 1/2" runners (chassis width 33 1/2"). Front ladder smashed. Ram is available Ref; XCG9039O
2014RenaultPremium LanderAli tipper body >Damaged Bulkrite ali tipper body. Outer panel damage on nearside XCG;9191p
2018VolvoFMXSteel Tipper body21ft 1 1/4" long Thompsons steel tipper body 11/2018, 41" sides, 7ft 11 1/4" wide with 33 1/2" runners, easysheet assembly burnt at front + very slight burn mark on front bulkhead. Ref, XCG9228p
HomePartsBodywork Hook lift gear, suit remounting and Reuse
Reg Year Make Model Body Selected reuseable hooklift / Hook Loader gears
2015DafCF-410 (Euro 6)Hook Lift HiabHiab Hooklift Type: XR21S51-D-0-2B Load Capacity: 21T Year: 2015 Product No: X21S5150331025. Has Easy Sheet assembly fitted. Ref; XCG9232q