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Stock Ref Reg Year Make Model Veh Type Accessories Notes, information
9383R2019RenaultD18 Narrow4x2 Tautliner1500kg Anteo tuckawayNeeds solenoid & post changing on ram as smashed also cut out sensor broken, tail lift otherwise looks good, ali decks, Model REP15/1, Serial No:- 18110030 (Year 2018), adjustable mountings, dent on inside of under run bar.
9310Q2013ScaniaP2806x2 Rigid rear lift6x2 rear tagRear tag axle with single wheels Non steering
9307Q2015Iveco440S46TX/P Stralis6x2 TU Pusher8 stud midlift axleDisc brakes, 8 stud wheels with 245/70 R17.5 tyres.
9274Q2020RenaultT4804x2 TUAir con in roof hatchDirna Bergstrom Bycool air conditioning unit fitted in roof hatch. Remote key fob on key board E8.
9094O2015MercedesActros 25516x2 TU PusherAli wheels 9.00 x 22.5
9249Q2014VolvoB11R6x2 Rigid rear liftAli wheels,tyresWheels with Bridgestone Tyres 315/80 R22.5 brand new £375 each, Alcoa ali wheels 9.00 x 22.5 with short sleeve nuts. Or Tyres only £225 wheels £150 each
9365R2015DafCF-400 (Euro 6)8x4 TipperBlower
9211P2013ScaniaR4406x2 TU PusherBlower EquipmentDrum shaft drive pump with side mount pto. See images ac1, 2
9359R2007Daf75CF-3606x4 TipperBlower Gear
9343R2008Daf85CF-4108x4 TipperBlower Gear
9342R2015DafCF-400 (Euro 6)8x4 TipperBlower Gear
9470S2015ScaniaP4108x2 FlatBrick & Block Crane2015 PK15001L Performance crane hit back on N/S mountings, front main mounting plate damaged by circlip, main N/S/R mounting bolt sheered off + mounting damged, N/S stabilizer bolt & bracket sheered off, 2015 Kinshoffer 332-1000 block grab.
9418S2014ScaniaP2504x2 TautlinerCantilever tail lift1500kg Anteo cantilever tail lift, ali deck 8ft 6 3/4" high x 8ft 1/2" wide, adjustable mounting brackets.
9505T2012ManTGM 18.2504x2 Rigid fridgeCarrierfor parts? Aledged compressor seized re PW
9323R2012Daf65CF-2504x2 Rigid fridgeCarrier Fridge unitCarrier Supra 950mt fridge unit.
9439S2008ManTGM 18.2404x2 Rigid fridgeCarrier Fridge Unit
8656L2003Iveco75E184x2 Rigid fridgeCarrier SupraCarrier Supra 522 Transcold Fridge unit with 2 cylinder diesel engine.
9390R2021MercedesActros 25516x2 TU PusherCat Exhaust
9296Q2015VolvoFM118x4 Chassis cabCat Exhaust
9220P2015Iveco75E164x2 TautlinerDel DA1000LMP tuck away1000kg tuck away tail lift, 03/15, fixed mountings,
9126O2018Daf45LF-1804x2 Rigid vanDel post type tail liftAli deck post type tail lift, slight damage on bottom rail + dropped on chains, 8ft 3/4" outsides of posts, TL1000, 1000kg, 2018. Ref, XCG9126o. Loc: PI
9176P2017Daf45LF-1504x2 Rigid vanDel tuckunder tail liftAli decks, welded not adjustable brackets.
9197P2013Daf45LF-1404x2 Rigid vanDhollandia Cantilever6ft 8 1/2" high x 6ft 11 1/4" wide deck.
9167P2013MitsubishiCanter 7C154x2 TautlinerDhollandia tail liftDhollandia tail lift type DHRC-10 1 ton.
9349R2014Iveco180E254x2 TautlinerDhollandia tuck away1500kg DHRM20 half ali half steel tuckaway tail lift, ali deck slightly damaged on O/S edge, adjustable mounting brackets.
9395R2016DafCF-440 (Euro 6)4x2 DemountDhollandia tuck away tailDHRM.20 1000kg. Dhollandia tuck away tail lift, adjustable mounting brackets, 1 x steel & 1 x ali decks.
9230Q2016MercedesActros 24456x2 TU PusherDischarge pump gearShaft drive pto with belt drive to pump, pump tank/housing smashed. Nice Gardner Denver hydrapack oil cooler. £350 Red pack
9291Q2017MercedesActros 18404x2 Rigid vanDrawbar HitchVBG drawbar coupling.
9219P2007MercedesActros 25.46LS6x2 TU PusherEarly midlift axle
9410S2016RenaultC4608x4 TipperEdbro 8wl tipper ramCan sell Ram separately or before body. CX1400405041A472, tank at bottom.
9415S2013VolvoFM118x4 TipperEdbro tipper ramCX1400405041A472, tank on bottom of ram rusty on O/S.
9475S2016TrailerGray & AdamsTrailer 2 axleFridge UnitFridge Unit for parts incomplete. Location:- Pilning
9490T2006Daf55LF-2204x2 TipperHiab Crane2006 Hiab XS 099 CL, crane has pipes but no bucket or rotator. With stand on left side operator position
9364R2008Renault220 Dxi Midlum4x2 RecoveryHydraulic winch
9368R2016Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherHydraulics
9090O2014IsuzuN75.150 Forward4x2 TipperIn cab air pack for ptoSee image I. Cab air pack £450 and Pto pump for gearbox £300
9303Q2013MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherLight bar
9108O2016DafCF-510 (Euro 6)6x2 TU Midlift+SteerMidlift axle
9099O2014ManTGX 26.4406x2 TU PusherMidlift axle
9222P2014MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherMidlift axle
8841N2012ScaniaR4206x2 TU PusherMidlift axleNon steering midlift axle. Reference - CG8841N
9281Q2018VolvoFM116x2 TU PusherMidlift axle later typeSmall wheel midlift axle, later type cast axle beam, 6 stud wheels with 245/70 R17.5 tyres.
8898N2012ScaniaR4206x2 TU Midlift+SteerMidlift non steeringNon steering midlift axle. Ref; 8898n
9353R2013RenaultPremium Lander6x2 Rigid rear steerMixer drive
9158P2010Daf75CF-3606x4 MixerMixer Hyd DriveModel PMB 6.0 Pt No: B601002.2, Eaton mixer drive pump 4633-049.
9092O2013ScaniaG4406x2 TU PusherNo steering midlift axle
9067O2012ScaniaR4206x2 TU PusherNon steering pusher axle
9319R2019ScaniaG4108x4 TipperPalfinger M125L cranePalfinger Epsilon epsolution M125L classic, pipes up main mast burnt, O/S levers burnt, paint burnt on N/S leg mounting area, with Kinshoffer KM331 block grab + rotator.
9456S2013Daf55LF-2204x2 RoadsweeperPerkins Donkey Engine
9266Q2002VolvoFL-2204x2 RoadsweeperPerkins Donkey engine
9457S2018VolvoFE-3204x2 Rigid fridgePost type tail lift
9331R2015MercedesActros 25436x2 TU PusherPto & pump
9118O2014ScaniaR4506x2 TU PusherPTO Oil CoolerDenver Gardner Red PTO Tanker spec drive
9455S2019ManTGS 24.4606x2 TU PusherPto pumpTank discharge equipment, dual output pto using one outlet, Gardner Denver oil cooler.
9295Q2018ManTGX 26.5006x2 TU PusherPTO Pump & Drive Traxon
9408S2014Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherPTO Wet kitRemote valve block behind pto tank.
9177P2015Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherPTO Wet KitOil feed on pto (thread gone on pipe + fitting into gearbox), Aluminium tank rear of cab, has some heavy denting.
8857N2014MercedesActros 25436x2 TU PusherPusher axleReference - CG8857N
9079O2014ScaniaR4506x2 TU PusherPusher axleNon steering pusher axle.
9166P2014DafCF-440 (Euro 6)6x2 TU Midlift+SteerPusher kit
9414S2019DafCF-450 (Euro 6)6x2 TU PusherRaise lower couplingSAF/Holland.
9053O2010Iveco440S42T Stralis4x2 TURaise lower couplingFontaine 110DH (2010) raise lower coupling with control box on chassis.
9224P2015MercedesArocs 32438x4 TipperRam 8 wheel front mountWhite Painted Ram
9362R2013ScaniaR4406x2 TU PusherRear battery boxSee images AC1 & on.
9232Q2015DafCF-410 (Euro 6)6x2 HookliftRear lift axleDaf twin wheel rear lift axle assembly. Or Bogie less diff at £5k
8720M2011Renault460 Premium6x2 Rigid rear liftRear lift axle >Would need to remove N/S/R wheel to check axle, see images M & N. Axle bent on N/S, parts use only
9074O2011Iveco260S336x2 TautlinerRear steering axleIveco single wheel
9459S2017ScaniaP3708x2 TankerRear Steering AxleSingle Wheels Hydraulic rear steering axle No 4
9487T2017DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Rear liftRear tag axleNon steering single wheel rear tag axle.
9443S2015MercedesActros 25306x2 Rigid rear liftRear tag axle assemblySingle wheel non steering tag axle.
9361R2014ScaniaR4506x2 TU Rear liftRear tag axle assemblySingle wheel rear tag axle.
9476S2017ScaniaR4506x2 TU Rear liftRear tag axle assemblySingle wheel rear lift tag axle on air, non steering
9111O2017RenaultC4608x4 MixerRoadmaster OmegaOmega 10 M Concrete Mixer Year 2017. Year 2017 Serial No. OM10MDD358 Ref; CGA 9111 13/09/22 Offered all gear as a kit @ £5k
9442S2016DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Midlift+SteerRoof air conDirna Bergstrom bycool roof air con unit, missing an electrical lead to the control panel, see images AC1 onwards.
9486T2017Iveco460 Stralis AT6x2 TU PusherSAF Raise/lower coupling
9482T2019TemsaHD12 RHDCoachSeatsDrivers seat £650, rest of seats £200 each row + rear row £500.
9244Q2013ScaniaP4004x2 TUSide Skirts
9104O2014DafXF Euro 64x2 TUSide Skirts #
9070O2018DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Rear liftSingle wheel rear tag
9206P2015ScaniaR4506x2 TU PusherSlimcool airconFitted in place of roof hatch.
8570L2007Daf85CF-4106x2 TU PusherSmall midlift axle6 stud wheels with 235/75 R17.5 tyres small wheel midlift axle on drum brakes Reference - CG8570L
8705M2013Daf85CF-4606x2 TU PusherSmall midlift axleHendrickson midlift axle, 8 stud wheels on disc brakes.
9302Q2018Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherSmall midlift later typeSolid beam, 6 stud wheels, disc brakes.
9091O2017RenaultT4806x2 TU PusherSmall Pusher axleEstepe 6 stud midlift axle on disc brakes.
9466S2016Daf45LF-1804x2 Rigid vanTail liftPalfinger post type tail lift, 91 1/4" outsides of posts, ali deck, cant see weight.
8985N2015Daf65CF-2204x2 Rigid vanTail Lift1500kg Dhollandia post type tail lift 8ft 3 5/8" outsides of posts Ref; XCG8985n Loc: PI
9338R2005Mercedes1523 Atego4x2 Rigid fridgeThermoking V-700 Max
9424S2015RenaultC4308x4 TipperTipper ram burnt
9203P2012Mercedes822 Atego4x2 Rigid vanTuckaway tail liftAnteo tuckaway tail lift has rusty framework.
9409S2019ManTGS 35.4208x4 TipperTwin underfloor rams
9175P2008Daf95XF-105.4606x2 TU Midlift+SteerUnderbunk fridge
9185P2018Iveco460 Stralis Hi-Way6x2 TU Midlift+SteerUnderbunk fridge
9168P2015RenaultT4606x2 TU PusherUnderbunk fridge
9210P2013Volvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherUnderbunk fridge
9076O2013Iveco340T41 Trakker8x4 TankerVacuum PumpHydraulically driven
8275J1994Foden44006x4 TUVehicle
9147P2014IsuzuN50.1504x2 TipperVehicleAs is
8962N2010ScaniaP3206x2 Rigid DropsideWCR- Block GrabBrick and Block Grab with Rotator
9248Q2014VolvoB11R6x2 Rigid rear steerWheels, TyresWheels with Bridgestone Tyres 315/80 R22.5 brand new £375 each, Alcoa ali wheels 9.00 x 22.5 with short sleeve nuts. Or Tyres only £225 wheels £150 each
8983N2014MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherWML- Midlift MP410 stud
9001O2013MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherWML- Midlift MP410 stud
8956N2009Daf85CF-4106x2 TU PusherWMS- 6 stud small pusher6 stud small wheel midlif, Drum brakes, 235/75 R17.5 tyres.
8957N2009Daf85CF-4106x2 TU PusherWMS- 6 stud small pusherSmall wheel midlift6 stud wheels, drum brakes.
8959N2009Daf85CF-4106x2 TU PusherWMS- 6 stud small pusher6 stud small wheel midlif. Drum brakes, 235/75 R17.5 tyres.
9005O2014DafXF Euro 64x2 TUWMX- Large Fuel Tank 43 1/2" long x 24 3/4" high x 26 3/4" wide ali diesel tank,
9066O2011Daf95XF-105.4604x2 TUWMX- Side skirtsSide skirts with fixings.
9035O2010Volvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherWMX- Side skirts
8977N2015DafCF-330 (Euro 6)6x2 Rigid rear liftWRT- Rear lift TagSingle Wheel rear tag
9056O2011Renault460 Premium6x2 TU Rear liftWRT- Rear lift Tag
8972N2011VolvoFM116x2 TautlinerWRT- Rear tag axleRear tag axle may separate
9028O2013Daf55LF-2504x2 TautlinerWTL- Dhollandia 1500kgDhollandia 1500kg. l DHRC20 ali deck tuckaway tail lift, adjustable mountings.
8916N2016DafXF Euro 66x2 Rigid rear liftWTL- Slide out Tail lift1500kg Anteo F3RE15HS W149 AB (2016) sliding carriage tuck away tail lift,
9017O2013ManTGS 24.4406x2 TU PusherWXR- HydOil coolerRed Hydraulic oil coooler side mount on unit
9135O2013Daf75CF-3106x2 Rigid rear liftZepro Tail liftSliding carriage type 2000kg ali deck tuckaway tail lift.
9401S2017Mercedes2630 Econic6x2 Rigid rear steerZoeller bin lift