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Stock Ref Reg Year Make Model Veh Type Accessories Notes, information
9094O2015MercedesActros 25516x2 TU PusherAli wheels 9.00 x 22.5
9023O2013ScaniaR5606x2 TU Rear liftBattery Box rearRear chassis mount battery box
8656L2003Iveco75E184x2 Rigid fridgeCarrier SupraCarrier Supra 522 Transcold Fridge unit with 2 cylinder diesel engine.
8807M2014MercedesArocs 32408x4 MixerConcrete MixerMixer drive unit assy. Reference - CG8807M
9126O2018Daf45LF-1804x2 Rigid vanDell post type tail liftAli deck post type tail lift, slight damage on bottom rail + dropped on chains, 8ft 3/4" outsides of posts, 2018.
9090O2014IsuzuN75.150 Forward4x2 TipperIn cab air pack for ptoSee image I.
9108O2016DafCF-510 (Euro 6)6x2 TU Midlift+SteerMidlift axle
9099O2014ManTGX 26.4406x2 TU PusherMidlift axle
9112O2018MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherMidlift axle
9117O2014MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherMidlift axle
8841N2012ScaniaR4206x2 TU PusherMidlift axleNon steering midlift axle. Reference - CG8841N
8898N2012ScaniaR4206x2 TU Midlift+SteerMidlift non steeringNon steering midlift axle. Ref; 8898n
9089O2007MercedesAxor 26336x4 MixerMixer Drive
9092O2013ScaniaG4406x2 TU PusherNo steering midlift axle
9067O2012ScaniaR4206x2 TU PusherNon steering pusher axle
9093O2014Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherPTOWet kit fitted. Ali tank behind cab has verticle weld fracture + filler over possible holes, needs Tig welding.
9086O2013ScaniaR4406x2 TU Midlift+SteerPto KitAli side mount tipper type hydraulics set (175ltr Scania diesel tank converted to pto tank).
9118O2014ScaniaR4506x2 TU PusherPTO Oil CoolerDenver Gardner Red PTO Tanker spec drive
8857N2014MercedesActros 25436x2 TU PusherPusher axleReference - CG8857N
9079O2014ScaniaR4506x2 TU PusherPusher axleNon steering pusher axle.
9053O2010Iveco440S42T Stralis4x2 TURaise lower couplingFontaine 110DH (2010) raise lower coupling with control box on chassis.
9055O2015Iveco460 Stralis Hi-Way6x2 TU Midlift+SteerRaise lower couplingSAF Holland raise lower coupling.
8720M2011Renault460 Premium6x2 Rigid rear liftRear lift axle >Would need to remove N/S/R wheel to check axle, see images M & N. Axle bent on N/S, parts use only
9074O2011Iveco260S336x2 TautlinerRear steering axleIveco single wheel
9132OScaniaP3106x2 TautlinerRear steering axle
9139OTrailerGray & AdamsTrailer 3 AxleRefrigeration unitThermoKing Ex 45 feet fridge trailer
9127O2008MercedesActros 18.51LS4x2 TUSide skirtsHas a slight crack on O/S easy repair.
9104O2014DafXF Euro 64x2 TUSide Skirts #
9070O2018DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Rear liftSingle wheel rear tag
8570L2007Daf85CF-4106x2 TU PusherSmall midlift axle6 stud wheels with 235/75 R17.5 tyres small wheel midlift axle on drum brakes Reference - CG8570L
8705M2013Daf85CF-4606x2 TU PusherSmall midlift axleHendrickson midlift axle, 8 stud wheels on disc brakes.
9091O2017RenaultT4806x2 TU PusherSmall Pusher axleEstepe 6 stud midlift axle on disc brakes.
9076O2013Iveco340T41 Trakker8x4 TankerVacuum PumpHydraulically driven
9113O2014Daf55LF-2204x2 Rigid fridgeWBIF- Carrier Fridge Unit2014 Carrier Supra 1150-12 X MTL 2 400/3/50. Covers inside body though missing one side.
9029O2011ScaniaP2304x2 Rigid fridgeWBIF- Carrier Fridge unitCarrier Supra 950mt SN: GC137025 multi temp type Diesel Electric c/w cab control Inside fridge Evaporator unit big serial No:- EC137190 Inside fridge Evaporator unit small serial No:- EC136077 Wiring not cut- c/w various pipe work
9105O2011ScaniaP2304x2 Rigid fridgeWBIF- Carrier Fridge UnitCarrier Supra 950mt SN: GC??? multi temp type Diesel Electric c/w cab control
9106O2012ScaniaP2806x2 Rigid fridgeWBIF- Carrier Fridge UnitCarrier Supra 950mt s/n: GC208004 multi temp type Diesel Electric c/w cab control. Inside fridge evaperator unit big serial No:- EC209043 Inside fridge evaperator unit small serial No:- EC209182 Parts missing - looks like pump has been swapped,belts are removed - bolts look spannered. Side casing cover has damage - cracked. Few wires have been cut - c/w cab control unit.
9072O2009Daf55LF-2504x2 Rigid fridgeWBIF- Carrier Supra 950mtCarrier Supra 950mt fridge unit. Reference; XCG9072O Loc:CG
9131O2012ManTGM 15.2504x2 Rigid fridgeWBIF- Frigoblock fridge2011 FK13 Frigoblock fride unit. See image O of plate.
8991N2006Iveco180E244x2 Rigid dropsideWCR- Atlas Crane2006 Atlas crane, 105.2 - A2 Ref: 8991n
8962N2010ScaniaP3206x2 Rigid DropsideWCR- Block GrabBrick and Block Grab with Rotator
9119O2012Daf85CF-4108x4 TipperWCR- Palfing Epsolution >Palfinger Epsolution M125L classic, PARTS ONLY main mast & ram + top of 1st section burnt, O/S controls block burnt away, N/S valve block is burnt around it but the levers still move, O/S leg missing. 2015 Intermercato TVG1000 Grab bucket with rotator.
8983N2014MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherWML- Midlift MP410 stud
9001O2013MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherWML- Midlift MP410 stud
8956N2009Daf85CF-4106x2 TU PusherWMS- 6 stud small pusher6 stud small wheel midlif, Drum brakes, 235/75 R17.5 tyres.
8957N2009Daf85CF-4106x2 TU PusherWMS- 6 stud small pusherSmall wheel midlift6 stud wheels, drum brakes.
8959N2009Daf85CF-4106x2 TU PusherWMS- 6 stud small pusher6 stud small wheel midlif. Drum brakes, 235/75 R17.5 tyres.
9005O2014DafXF Euro 64x2 TUWMX- Large Fuel Tank 43 1/2" long x 24 3/4" high x 26 3/4" wide ali diesel tank,
9066O2011Daf95XF-105.4604x2 TUWMX- Side skirtsSide skirts with fixings.
9035O2010Volvo FHFH136x2 TU PusherWMX- Side skirts
8977N2015DafCF-330 (Euro 6)6x2 Rigid rear liftWRT- Rear lift TagSingle Wheel rear tag
9056O2011Renault460 Premium6x2 TU Rear liftWRT- Rear lift Tag
9030O2007ScaniaP3408x2 TankerWRT- Rear steering axleHydraulic rear steering axle No 4
8972N2011VolvoFM116x2 TautlinerWRT- Rear tag axle Rear tag axle may separate
9073O2009ScaniaR4208x4 TipperWTA - Edbro tipper ramEx 8 wheeler Edbro front end ram
9039O2014RenaultPremium Lander8x4 TipperWTA- Tipper RamEdbro tipper ram, CX1400405041A472 tank at bottom a bit rusty on O/S & has a slight dent at front of tank
9028O2013Daf55LF-2504x2 TautlinerWTL- Dhollandia 1500kgDhollandia 1500kg. l DHRC20 ali deck tuckaway tail lift, adjustable mountings.
8916N2016DafXF Euro 66x2 Rigid rear liftWTL- Slide out Tail lift1500kg Anteo F3RE15HS W149 AB (2016) sliding carriage tuck away tail lift,
8900N2008ManTGM 18.2804x2 TautlinerWTL- Tail Lift largeTail Lift large. Full Width rear door type tail lift, aluminium
8961N2008ScaniaP2304x2 TautlinerWTL- Tuckaway tail liftRear bar dented otherwise very tidy Dhollandia DHRM-20 1500kg tail lift.
9015O2003TrailerGray & AdamsTrailer 3 AxleWTTF- Carrier Fridge unitRemoved from Refrigerated Trailer - Carrier fridge unit only,
9087O2011ScaniaP2304x2 Rigid fridgeWTTF- Carrier Supra 950mtCarrier Supra 950mt SN-GC136057, some parts missing, 900. Electric motor missing,various wires have been cut.c/w temperature indicator & cab control. Both inside body evaperature units missing.
9017O2013ManTGS 24.4406x2 TU PusherWXR- HydOil coolerRed Hydraulic oil coooler side mount on unit