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Reg Year Make Model Veh Type Axle Axle notes, information and Stock Ref
2007Daf85CF-4106x2 TU PusherSmall midlift axle6 stud wheels with 235/75 R17.5 tyres small wheel midlift axle on drum brakes Reference - CG8570L
2010Daf85CF-4106x2 TU PusherSmall pusher axleDrum brakes. Reference - CG8790M
2008Daf95XF-105.4606x2 TU PusherSmall midlift axle6 stud small wheel midlift axle on drum brakes with 235/75 R17.5 tyres Reference - CG8550L
2010Daf95XF-105.4606x2 TU PusherSmall pusher axleDrum brakes, 6 stud wheels with 235/75 R17.5 tyres. Reference - CG8797M
2011Daf95XF-105.4606x2 TU Pusher8 stud midlift axleDisc brakes. Reference - CG8816M
2013Daf95XF-105.4606x2 TU Pusher8 stud midlift axleDisc brakes, 8 stud wheels with 215/75 R17.5 tyres. Reference - CG8865N
2006ManTGA 24.4306x2 TU Pushersmall midlift axle8 stud midlift axle with 285/70 R19.5 tyres Reference - CG8061J
2010ManTGX 24.4406x2 TU PusherTU pusher axle8 stud small wheel pusher axle with 285/70 R19.5 tyres, Reference - CG8507L
2013ManTGX 24.4806x2 TU PusherSmall pusher axleHendrickson midlift axle, small wheels 8 stud wheels with 285/70 R19.5 tyres, disc brakes. Reference - CG8812M
2013MercedesActros 25.46LS6x2 TU PusherMid Pusher axleEarly type hub cap. Reference - CG8874N
2013MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherMidlift axleReference - CG8806M
2013MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherMidlift axleNote - this is not the same as the earlier Actros Reference - CG8829M
2013MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherPusher AxleLater hubs. Reference - CG8846N
2014MercedesActros 25456x2 TU PusherPusher axleReference - CG8810M
2011MercedesAxor 25.436x2 TU PusherMidlift AxleEarly Hubs. Reference - required air bag bracket straightening CG8571L
2011Renault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherMidlift axleReference - CG8835M
2011Renault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherMidlift axle10 Stud Reference - CG8866N
2012Renault460 Premium6x2 TU PusherMidlift axleReference - CG8826M
2008ScaniaP4206x2 Rigid flatSmall midlift axle6 stud small wheel midlift axle on discs with 215/75 R17.5 J tyres Reference - CG8165J
2014ScaniaR4106x2 TU PusherMidlift axleNon steering midlift axle. Reference - CG8844N
2007ScaniaR4806x2 TU PusherTU pusher axleHendrickson pusher axle with 8 stud wheels with 265/70 R19.5 tyre Reference - CG8421K
2010VolvoFM116x2 TU PusherSmall pusher axle6 stud small wheel midlift axle with 245/70 R17.5 tyres (steel rims) Reference - CG8583L
2009VolvoFM136x2 TU PusherTU pusher axlesmall wheel pusher axle looks like Estepell on caps with disc brakes & air suspension 6 stud wheels with 245/70 R17.5 Reference - CG8136J