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Reg Year Make Model Body Body Notes and brief appraisal
2015Daf45LF-15017ft 6 1/2" TautlinerBody has shifted forward on runners sheering off some rivets, 6ft 2 1/2" high to side rail, 8ft wide, 34" runners, barn doors.Reference; XCG9057O
2012Daf45LF-18024ft Grp boxHalf roller shutter door & sprung tail gate/ramp, 2 x steps in floor, 8ft 7" high internal, gouge in N/S of body, 7ft 11 3/4" wide, 33 3/4" runners. Semi removal type body. Ref; XCG8995O
2014Daf55LF-22027ft 1 1/2" Fridge BoxGray & Adams fridge box with rear roller shutter door & side door, 7ft 10 1/2" high internal, 8ft 6 1/8" wide, 31 1/4" runners, internal separator, Serial No:- D07.14.34044. Ref; XCG9113O Loc:CG
2009Daf55LF-25027ft 11 1/2" Fridge BoxSoloman fridge box, 2 x N/S side doors & triple rear doors, 7ft 10" internal, 8ft 6" wide, 33 1/2" runners at front. 900 less fridge unit. Reference; XCG9072O Loc:CG
2012Daf65CF-22026ft 11 1/2" Fridge boxGray & Adams Insulated Fridge box, 7ft 6 1/2" high internal, 8ft 6" approx wide, 31 1/4" runners,6ft 10" inside height, 8ft 3" overall height - rear roller shutter door with tail lift (pump missing). Ref; XCG9026O Loc:PI
2008Daf65CF-22026ft 5" FlatCut down curtain side, now a flat 8ft 4" wide, 31" runners. Tidy Bed with inset security rings Ref; XCG8809m
2015Daf65CF-22028ft Grp boxGRP box with tail lift, 7ft 3" high to rear door rail, 8ft 4" wide, 31 1/2" runners, O/S side panel damaged towards back but would repair.Tail lift available extra. Reference; XCG8985N
2014DafCF-440 (Euro 6)17ft 9" TipperKelberg Steel Tipper body light burnt at front, underfloor gear, approx 36" sides, 8ft 1 1/2" wide with 31 1/4" runners. C/w Subframe with crane mounting, underfloor gear sold less crane Reference; XCG8824M
2014IsuzuN75.150 Forward12ft 1 1/2" Tipper bodySteel double dropside tarmac tipper body, triple opening compartments on rear door, 21 1/2" sides, 7ft 2 1/2" wide with 33 1/8" runners. XCG9090o
2013IsuzuN75.190 Forward20ft 6 1/4" Grp box8ft high internal to roof, fibreglass roof, 8ft 2" wide 33 1/2" runners, barn doors. Ref; XCG9069O
2013Iveco180E2528ft FlatTidy GRP ply deck, recent Aluminium side raves Reference; XCG8405k Loc:CG
2017Iveco75E1613ft 5/8" Tipper bodyDouble dropside steel tipper body, concrete now removed, good floor, 18 1/2" sides, 7ft 9 3/4" wide, 33 1/4" runners, rear tailgate lower rail damaged. Ref; XCG9109o
2013Iveco75E1620ft 6 1/2" Grp box7ft 9 1/2" high internal to roof, 8ft wide, 33 1/2" runners, clear GRP with small hole in roof, roller shutter door. Ref; XCG9060O
2006Iveco75E1716ft 10" Fridge convertedFridge box has been converted to camper body, damage on N/S/F top corner, O/S window missing, has seating area, shower toilet, cooker hob, Carver 1800 heater, water tank, double bed, sink & cupboards all fitted inside. 7ft 9" wide. Ref; XCG9115o
2012ManTGM 15.25024ft 4 1/2" Fridge boxGray Adams refrigerated fridge box, O/S capping coming away at front + body scuffed in centre by rub rail, tail lift hit back pulling away from body, 7ft 6 1/2" high internal, 8ft 6" wide, N/S of body patched, N/S side door + rear roller door. Ref: XCG9131o Loc: CG
2017Mercedes816 Atego19ft 9 1/2"7ft 4 1/2" to rear door rail, 8ft 1 3/4" wide, 33 1/2" runners, front corner cappings & lower bulkhead panel damaged, scuff on O/S of body, rear door frame appears to be out on diagonals. GRP Box. Ref; XCG9084O
2016MercedesAtego Euro 623ft 9 3/4" Grp boxBulkhead smashed on N/S, 7ft 10 1/2" high internal, 8ft wide, 33 1/2" runners. Reference; XCG8938N Loc:CG
2014RenaultPremium Lander20ft 7" TipperWilcox FSWF.IE aluminium insulated tipper body with Easy sheet, split tailboard, approx 52" sides, 8ft 2" wide with 32 1/2" runners (chassis width 33 1/2"). Front ladder smashed. Ram is available Ref; XCG9039O
2011ScaniaP23026ft 7 1/2" FridgeGray & Adams fridge box, Refrigerated box, 8ft 6 1/2" wide, approx 30" runners. Post type tail lift damaged, N/S/F corner of box slightly damaged, Box 800 Ref; XCG9105O Loc:PI
2009ScaniaR42020ft 10" TipperSteel body approx length, Easy sheet, 3ft 10" sides (outsides), 8ft 3 1/4" wide, 30 1/4"runners. Body less ram 1500 / Edbro front end ram 650. Ref; XCG9073O