Snows Commercials Ltd. Truck Cabin - updated 17 August, 2019
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Reg Year Make Model Cab Cab Notes and brief appraisal
2012Daf45LF-160DayTidy cab, O/S door dented, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8713M
2012Daf45LF-180Sleeper Pod ConvOriginally a day cab now with a sleeper pod & rear extension conversion, Keys:- Yes. Cab locked keys on office board A7. Reference - XCG8995O
2012Daf55LF-220Day CabN/S cab damage, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8960N
2011Daf55LF-220Day>Slight dent on O/S `A` pillar & edge of door, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8944N
2009Daf55LF-220Sleeper>Tidy cab, wiring short burnt loom on front Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8965N
2012Daf65CF-220Day cabTidy Cab Keys:- Yes. Reference; XCG9026O
2008Daf65CF-250Sleeper>Super Space has internal light fire later roof with top front flutes, Keys:- Yes.Reference - XCG8688L
2006Daf75CF-310DayTidy day cab, Keys:- No. Reference - XCG8472K
2006Daf85CF-380Day cabCab a bit rusty on O/S door jam area, n/s door dented, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8842N
2008Daf85CF-410Day CabCab has some rust behind step panel/door jam area, Keys:- Yes. Reference; XCG8950N
2008Daf85CF-410SleeperTidy Space Cab Reference; XCG9080O
2012Daf85CF-410Space cab>Slight damage to N/S cab `A` pillar & door, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8923N
2012Daf95XF-105.410Space cabCab appears ok, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8980N
2015DafCF-460 (Euro 6)Sleeper>Will need jigging but repairable Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG9010O
2010Hino700 SeriesRest cabLight Cab damage, lower n/s door and cab corner Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG9027O
2012IsuzuN75.190 ForwardDayTidy cab, O/S rear edge of door + slight dent in N/S door by mirror, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8953N
2011Iveco440S45TX StralisSleeper>Cab bulkhead damaged on both sides, Mirrors, o/s door card and part of air kit missing. Screen out. Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG9034O
2010Iveco75E16DayTidy day cab (keep complete), Keys:- Yes. (cab locked keys on office board D5). Reference - XCG8734M
2007Iveco75E16DayTidy cab, grill hinge broken. Easy repair Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8967N
2014Iveco75E18DayTidy cab, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8992N
2006ManTGA 26.310RestRest cab back and interior back panel burnt in centre,No Seats some electronics missing. A nice cab Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG6348D
2011ManTGX 26.440SleeperHi roof sleeper cab with window in top, 1 door missing Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8788M
2009ManTGX 26.440Sleeper (wide cab)Hi roof wide cab without window, Keys:- No. Reference - XCG9024O
2013ManTGX 26.440Sleeper>Hi roof cab with window in roof, O/S cab door, door jam area & side panel damaged, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG9016O
2011ManTGX 26.480SleeperRaised Fibreglass roof without window, Keys:- Yes.Reference - XCG8988N
2012ManTGX 26.480Sleeper>Hi Roof sleeper cab with window, Shell Keys:- Yes.Reference - XCG8942N
2014MercedesActros 2545SleeperHi roof sleeper, XXL type O/S cab door, side & roof damaged, O/S door glass, door extension, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8983N
2013MercedesActros 2545Sleeper>New Merc Hi roof wide cab, Parts or repair Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG9001O
2007Renault290 Dxi PremiumDayPremium Alliance cab, high tunnel, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8753M
2014RenaultT430High SleeperDamage to Steering Column & interior, Keys:- yes (on office board C2). Reference - XCG8969N
2011ScaniaP230DayCP14 tidy day cab, Reference - XCG9029O Keys:- Yes.
2011ScaniaP230RestTidy CP16 cab, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8939N
2008ScaniaP230SleeperCP19 Sleeper, Tidy cab. Reference - XCG8850N Keys:- Yes.
2011ScaniaP280Day cabTidy cab, CP14, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8941N
2007ScaniaP380Rest cabVery tidy CP16 rest cab, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8751M
2008ScaniaR270Sleeper>Low roof CR19 cab, O/S door U/S + back slightly damaged by N/S/R cab lock, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8851N
2007ScaniaR420SleeperVery tidy white cab, standard roof cab with larger locker door, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8287K
2009ScaniaR420SleeperCR19 cab, low roof, cab has been custom retrimmed & looks dreadfull… also moulded sides fitted. Flat Roof, base cab looks sound Keys:- Yes. Reference; XCG9073O
2009ScaniaR420SleeperHi line CR19 cab with large locker door, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8774M
2015ScaniaR450Hi Line sleeper>Has some all round damage but would repair Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8730M
2011ScaniaR480Topline>CR19. Topline cab, internal cab fire centre of dash area, large side lockers, would repair. Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8854N
2007VolvoFE-240SleeperLow roof cab, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8933N
2015VolvoFM11Globetrotter>Vehicle fallen on left side. Reference - XCG9083o
2011VolvoFM11Globetrotter>Dent in top of back panel/roof, Keys:- Yes.Reference - XCG8951N
2013VolvoFM11Low Roof SleeperBasic cab looks ok. Need to double check when tilted. Reference - XCG9063 Keys:-Yes.
2006VolvoFM13DayTidy cab, Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8747M
2014Volvo FHFH V4GlobetrotterRolled N/S cab `A` pillar, door, side, roof & back panel all damaged. Repairable Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG9068O
2012Volvo FHFH13GlobetrotterCab appears ok, main grill dented & screen chipped & is starting to crack. Keys:- No. Reference - XCG8986N
2010Volvo FHFH13XL Globetrotter>Cab shell Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG8936N
2012Volvo FHFH13XL Globetrotter>Tidy cab, grill & N/S corner panel damaged, Low front cab "X" member slight distortion. Keys:- Yes. Reference - XCG9020O