Snows Commercials Ltd. Truck Differential Core - updated 23 May, 2024
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Stock Ref Reg Year Make Model Diff Ratio Condition Description
9216P2018Daf45LF-18045LF Disc brake3.73/1NJJ3891RM, pinion sheered off, crownwheel worn, centre cluster possibly ok
8809M2008Daf65CF-22011325.13/1 >2 x 1132 diffs, 5.13/1 diff lock, internal
9026O2012Daf65CF-22011325.13/1Crownwheel & pinion completely U/S, case may be ok?
9359R2007Daf75CF-3601132T & 11324.10/11132T c/w & pinion smashed, inner bearing missing, 3rd diff?
9352R2012Daf85CF-4101132T & 11324.10/1 (rear only)1st & 3rd diff, internal cluster on main diff breaking up
8977N2015DafCF-330 (Euro 6)13443.70/1Crown wheel / pinion U/S
9365R2015DafCF-400 (Euro 6)1132T & 11324.10/11132T pinion has come loose in casing, front casing smashed + c/w also U/S
9232Q2015DafCF-410 (Euro 6)13442.71/1Pinion stripped out, inner bearing off pinion, rest of diff possibly ok
9434S2018DafXF Euro 613472.53/11347 2.38/1, internal cluster gone, couple of slight chips off edge of crownwheel
9034O2011Iveco440S45TX StralisMS 17X2.85/17363
9307Q2015Iveco440S46TX/P StralisMS17X2.85/1Diff lock area smashed, thread for diff lock switch damaged, pinion looks ok
9372R2011ManTGL 7.150HY0718 003.364/1Front bearing seized, case poss U/S
8723M2011ManTGL 7.180HY0718 003.364/1Crown wheel / pinion marked, centre cluster ?
9262Q2013ManTGX 18.440HY1350 122.846/12.846/1, internal cluster gone, pinion & flange loose + diff lock plate missing
9099O2014ManTGX 26.440HY1350 152.846/12.846/1, internal cluster gone
8792M2004Mercedes815 AtegoHL2/43DC-6,23.636/1Seized
9306Q2018MercedesActros 1848R440-13,0/C22.52.533/1Later diff with plastic covers, diff lock arm bent, internal cluster smashed
8810M2014MercedesActros 2545R440-13,0/C22.52.733/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
9386R2019MercedesActros 2545R440-13,02.533/1Internal cluster + diff lock arm, gear & end plate missing, c/w rusty, later case with pipe fittings
9261Q2015MercedesActros 2545R440-13,0/C22.52.733/1R440-13,0/C22.5 c/w & pinion smashed
9449S2017MercedesArocs 3240Non hub reduction3.308/1 (rear only)1st & 3rd diff, c/w & pinion smashed + centre cluster case damaged,
9398R2015MercedesArocs 3240Non hub reduction3.308/1 (rear only)1st & 3rd diff, pinion inner bearing U/S + c/w & pinion damaged
9465S2017MercedesArocs 3240Non hub reduction3.308/1 (rear only)C/w & pinion damaged, pinion loose, cluster housing damaged + slight damage to case
9369R2014MercedesArocs 3240Non hub reduction3.308/1 (rear only)Rear diff, c/w & pinion look ok, internal cluster problem.
8807M2014MercedesArocs 3240Non hub/reduction3.308/1RTXX 4N rear diff, c/w & pinion U/S.
7816I2004MitsubishiCanterCanter 3.5 Ton>Crown wheel / pinion u/s
7256F2008MitsubishiCanterCanter 3.5 Ton4.444/1Internal cluster U/S + housing damaged, chip off c/w + pinion marked, no flange
8424K2012MitsubishiCanter 7C15Dropout>Halfshaft gear split, possible other internal damage
8896N2011Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1MS17X 2.85/1, internal cluster gone, non diff lock.
9168P2015RenaultT460P13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone, crownwheel rusty, diff lock missing piston & cover plate
9091O2017RenaultT480MS 17X EVO2.85/12.85/1, internal cluster smashed, welded c/w, diff lock arm & spring only
8593L2000Scania124 `R` cabR7803.08/1Input bearing gone, centre fitted loose
9319R2019ScaniaG410RB662 & R6603.07/1R660 3.07/1, centre cluster gone, c/w & pinion look ok
9121O2018ScaniaG410R7802.59/1R780 2.59/1 pinion sheered off, c/w looks ok, has flange, diff lock
8971N2013ScaniaP280R6603.07/1R660 3.07/1, centre smashed, c/w chipped, loose flange
9162P2012ScaniaP320R6603.42/1Crown wheel / pinion U/S, case?, centre cluster may be ok
8403K2013ScaniaP320R6603.07/1R660 3.07/1, pinion sheered off, c/w has slight rust in places
9008O2011ScaniaP360RB662 & R6603.42/1 (Rear only)R660 pinion sheered off, c/w damaged, centre ok
9287Q2019ScaniaP410RB662 & R6603.07/1 (Both sold)R660 3.07/1, centre cluster gone, c/w chipped on outer edge in a couple of places
8464K2006ScaniaR420R7803.08/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8277J2007ScaniaR420R7803.08/1Pinion gear worn, no flange, rusty case R780 3.08
9073O2009ScaniaR420RB662 & R6603.42/1 (rear only)R660 3.42/1, diff lock assembly missing, diff lock gear & collar smashed
9362R2013ScaniaR440R7802.71/1R780 2.71/1, centre cluster gone
9282Q2015VolvoFM11RTS2370A2.83/1 (Front only)DSS35A rear diff, stripped, c/w & pinion U/S + front pinion cover marked
7611H2002VolvoFM12EV87 & EV804.30/1 front onlyEV80 Rear Diff, 9/32 =3.56/1, note pinion part number 1522493
7025E1999VolvoFM12EV873.36/1EV87 1st & 3rd diff, 1st diff cluster smashed
8680L2006VolvoFM13RTS2370A3.40/1Crownwheel & pinion appear ok
9397R2016VolvoFM13RTS2370A3.09/1 (front only)Rear diff, c/w & pinion U/S, centre cluster possibly ok
9045O2009VolvoFM13RTS2370A3.09/1Rear diff, turns feels a bit rough
9423S2018VolvoFMXRTS2370A2.83/1 (rear only)1st & 3rd diff, 3rd diff area smashed, case holed/cracked, now stripped, c/w & pinion look ok.
9228P2018VolvoFMXRTS2370A3.09/1 (rear only)Rear diff, c/w & pinion + side bearing U/S, case damaged, internal cluster poss ok
9377R2015Volvo FHFH V4RSS1356 (EV91)2.79/1C/w & pinion smashed, 2 x holes in case
9408S2014Volvo FHFH V4RSS1356 (EV91)2.79/1C/w & pinion smashed, hole in case
9280Q2014Volvo FHFH V4RSS1360 (MS18X) >2.64/1Castellated diff lock ends sheered off end of C/W 2.64/1
9325R2016Volvo FHFH V4RSS1356 (EV91)2.64/1EV91, 2.64/1 case holed, c/w & pinion smashed
9427S2016Volvo FHFH V4RSS1356 (EV91)2.79/1EV91, c/w & pinion + bottom of case all smashed.
9448S2013Volvo FHFH V4RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1EV91, Case holed, c/w & pinion smashed, backlash adjuster cut into & bearing U/S
8531L2005Volvo FHFH12RSS1344B3.08/1Diff lock shaft snapped housing marked, c/w slight rust
8343K2005Volvo FHFH12RSS1344B3.08/1Diff lock u/s,side of diff damaged by halfshaft
9179P2007Volvo FHFH13RSS1344B3.08/1C/w & pinion U/S, N/S bearing U/S + case ? centre cluster appears ok
8135J2006Volvo FHFH13RSS1344B3.36/1Crown wheel / pinion U/S, centre cluster might be ok, 2.85/1
9237Q2012Volvo FHFH13RSS1344C2.85/1Rusty case, centre loose in housing, c/w & pinion U/S, diff lock