Snows Commercials Ltd. Truck Differential Core - updated 23 October, 2020
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Stock Ref Reg Year Make Model Diff Ratio Condition Description
7264F2003Daf45LF-15045LF Disc brake4.10/1
8126J2005Daf45LF-17045LF Disc brake4.10/1Pinion bearing gone, centre cluster looks ok, NJJ3691RM
7821I2007Daf45LF-18045LF Disc brake4.10/1Seized
7878I2005Daf55LF-22055LF Dropout5.71/1Diff stripped, c/w & pinion U/S, starwheels worn
8809M2008Daf65CF-22011325.13/1Centre cluster gone
8759M2005FodenAlpha 3000153E & 167E Rockwell>Flange missing,centre cluster gone
7905I2004FodenAlpha 3000153E & 167E Rockwell4.10/1 rear onlyThird Diff smashed wear in main casing rear of input
7776H2004Iveco180E24167E4.89/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8707M2011Iveco340T41 TrakkerMD15 & MS153.78/1 frIn bits - possible pinion bearing gone
8294K2006Iveco440S43T Stralis177E2.85/1Crownwheel/ Pinnion Bad - case appears ok
8248J2008Iveco440S45TX StralisMS 17X2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8456K2010Iveco440S45TX StralisMS 17X2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8509L2008Iveco440S45TX StralisMS 17X2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8023I2007Iveco440S45TX Stralis177E2.85/1Halfshaft snaped inside axle tube - Pinion us
8575L2006Iveco440S48TX Stralis177E2.85/1crown wheel US
7196F2010Iveco75E1675E16 >3.91/1 >Internal cluster
8780M2005Iveco75E1775E173.15/1Centre cluster gone
6917E2004ManTGA 18.410HY1350 033.083/1Pinion bearing gone, flange missing
6853E2006ManTGA 26.430HY1350 033.083/1As Tronic servo Lid (take out)
8723M2011ManTGL 7.180HY0718 003.364/1Centre cluster gone
7921I2006ManTGL 7.180HY0512 003.364/1Pinion bearing collapsed
8331K2006ManTGL 7.180HY0512 003.364/1Pinion bearing collapsed and seased
8100J2007ManTGL 8.180HY0718 003.364/1Diff looks ok, housing rusty
8710M2012ManTGM 18.250HY1133-004.111/1Centre cluster gone
8466K2012ManTGX 26.440HY1350 152.846/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8942N2012ManTGX 26.480HY1350 152.846/1Centre cluster gone
6242C1998Mercedes815 AtegoHL2/43DC-6,23.909/1
7982I2005Mercedes815 AtegoHL2/43DC-6,23.636/1Centre cluster gone
8748M2011MercedesActros 25.46LSHL6/3DC L.S 13T3.076/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8857N2014MercedesActros 2543R440-13,0/C22.52.733/1Diff lock smashed
8810M2014MercedesActros 2545R440-13,0/C22.52.733/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
9032O2015MercedesActros 2545R440-13,0/C22.52.733/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8590L2011MercedesAxor 18.43HL6/3DC L,S 13T3.076/1Pinion sheered,crown wheel / pinion u/s
8862N2012MercedesAxor 25.43HL6/3DC L,S 13T3.076/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
7250F2008MitsubishiCanterCanter 3.5 Ton>
7256F2008MitsubishiCanterCanter 3.5 Ton4.444/14.44
7251F2008MitsubishiCanterCanter 3.5 Ton>Centre cluster & housing ok, crown wheel & pinnion U/S
7816I2004MitsubishiCanterCanter 3.5 Ton>Crown wheel / pinion u/s
7197F2005MitsubishiCanterCanter 7.5 Ton Disc4.875/1 >Faulty diff, visably appears ok
6259C2006MitsubishiCanter 7C14DCanter 7.5 Ton>
8424K2012MitsubishiCanter 7C15Dropout>Centre cluster gone
8839M2014MitsubishiCanter 7C15Dropout>Centre cluster gone
7379G1999Renault210 PremiumP1340G-124.55/1centre cluster U/S, crown wheel & pinion ok
6420D2004Renault420 PremiumP1370A3.08/1
7618H2006Renault440 Premium177E3.08/1Crown wheel / pinion ok, centre cluster gone
8241J2008Renault450 PremiumRSS1344C2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8501L2009Renault450 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8216J2008Renault450 PremiumRSS1344C2.85/1Centre Cluster U/S, CW & Pinion looks ok D/L Type
8468K2013Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8443K2011Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8451K2011Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8811M2011Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8394K2010Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1centre cluster gone and seized
8566L2012Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Centre cluster gone, diff lock type
8308K2010Renault460 PremiumP13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Halfshaft snapped inside axle tube,possible repair
8070J2007RenaultMagnum177E2.85/1Pinion bearing gone, centre cluster may be ok
8715M2014RenaultT460P13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S & halfshaft bearing gone
8717M2004Scania124 `R` cabR7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8593L2000Scania124 `R` cabR7803.08/1Input bearing gone
8240J2004Scania164 `R` cabR7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
S8621LScania164 `R` cabR7803.08/1Flange missing,centre cluster gone and rusty
8971N2013ScaniaP280R6603.07/1R660 3.07/1
8716M2010ScaniaP360R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8849N2013ScaniaP360R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8751M2007ScaniaP380RB662 & R6603.42/1 rearCentre cluster gone
8681L2013ScaniaP400R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8635L2011ScaniaP400R7803.08/1Worn shaft input
8808M2005ScaniaP420RB660 & R6603.42/1 (Rear only)In bits - 1st & 3rd
8564L2008ScaniaR420R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8679L2006ScaniaR420R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8732M2008ScaniaR420RB662 & R6603.42/1Centre cluster gone
8464K2006ScaniaR420R7803.08/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8277J2007ScaniaR420R7803.08/1Pinion gear worn///no flange
8219J2010ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8910N2012ScaniaR440R7802.71/1Centre cluster gone
8907N2012ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone
8423K2012ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Centre cluster gone, c/w & pinion ok
8614L2010ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Pinion sheered
8628L2010ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Pinion sheered off & missing
8555L2010ScaniaR440R7803.08/1R660 3.42 - Problem with diff lock - no flange
8514L2010ScaniaR440R7803.08/1Siezed, flange missing, halfshaft bearing U/S
8984N2015ScaniaR450R7802.71/1Centre cluster gone
8785M2008ScaniaR480RB662 & R6603.42/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S - no flange
8631L2007ScaniaR480RB662 & R6603.42/1Seized - 1ST & 3RD
8562L2011VolvoFM11P13170/2 (MS 17X)2.85/1Diff removed & swarf + larger bits of metal in axle case
8347K2013VolvoFM11RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Pinion bearing gone
8012I2005VolvoFM12RSS1344B2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8051J2005VolvoFM12RSS1344B2.85/1centre cluster gone,wont turn. 2.85/1
8485K2004VolvoFM12RTS2370A3.40/1Crown wheel / pinion U/S, centre cluster gone
8348KVolvoFM12EV87 & EV803.36/1 rrFront EV87 in bits, crown wheel & pinion U/S
8643L2003VolvoFM12RSS1344B2.85/1Halfshaft bearings gone
8789M2004VolvoFM12RTS2370A3.40/1 rear onlyIn bits
7611H2002VolvoFM12EV87 & EV804.30/1 front onlyRear Diff. Pinion bearing gone,main bearing loose EV80
8660L2008VolvoFM13RSS1344C2.85/1Centre cluster gone
8224J2008VolvoFM13RSS1344C2.85/1Centre cluster gone, diff lock assembly removed
8680L2006VolvoFM13RTS2370A3.40/1Diff needs inspection
8828M2010VolvoFM13RTS2370A3.09/1 rrFront In bits - 1st & 3rd
8930N2008VolvoFM13RTS2370A3.09/1 rear onlyFront Internal problem, 1st & 3rd
8040J2008VolvoFM13RSS1344C2.85/1Later type,welded centre. Centre cluster gone
8556L2009VolvoFM13MS17X3.08/1pinion bearing gone,crown wheel and pinion us,centre cluster gone
8678L2009VolvoFM13RTS2370A3.09/1Siezed - internal issue
7306F2002VolvoFM7RS1344SV3.08/1Casing c/w crown wheel & pinion (no centre cluster)
7961I1999VolvoFM7RS1344SV3.36/1Centre cluster gone
8820M2006VolvoFM9RSS1344B3.08/1Centre cluster gone
8513L2005VolvoFM9RSS1344B3.08/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8659L2009VolvoFM9RTS2370A3.40/1 rear onlyFront. 1st & 3rd diff - rear missing
9038O2013Volvo FHFH V4RSS1356 (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / Case U/S
9093O2014Volvo FHFH V4RSS1356 (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S
8883N2013Volvo FHFH V4RSS1356 (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S - hole in case
8531L2005Volvo FHFH12RSS1344B3.08/1Diff lock and shaff input U/S
8343K2005Volvo FHFH12RSS1344B3.08/1Diff lock u/s,side of diff damged by halfshaft
8467K2011Volvo FHFH13RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Centre cluster gone. Note this diff is an MS17X 2.85
8935N2013Volvo FHFH13RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S & case U/S
9020O2012Volvo FHFH13RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S & case U/S
8986N2012Volvo FHFH13RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Crown wheel / pinion / U/S - Case OK - No flange
8135J2006Volvo FHFH13RSS1344B3.36/1Crown wheel / pinion U/S, centre cluster might be ok.
7809I2008Volvo FHFH13RSS1344C2.85/1Crown wheel / pinion U/S, centre cluster ok
7363G2006Volvo FHFH13RS1356SV (EV91)2.79/1Diff - needs inspection
8140J2006Volvo FHFH13RSS1344B2.85/1Smashed centre & housing, c/w & pinion may be ok?