Snows Commercials Ltd. Truck Gearbox Core - updated 23 October, 2020
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Stock Ref Reg Year Make Model Gearbox Condition Description
8158J2002ErfECLS5.42In bits
8204J2000Iveco75E152845.5Turns - tight
8915N2011Iveco75E166AS700 T0 (less ecu)Turns rough - rear smashed
8091J2008ManTGX 26.44012AS2130 TDTurns
8839M2014MitsubishiCanter 7C15Duonic AutoTurns
8827M2004Renault150 MidlumS5.42Turns rough and no turret
8162J2004Renault420 Premium12AS2301Turns, turret swapped
8743M2007Renault450 PremiumAT2412CTurns
7659H2000Scania114 `P` cabGRS900 >GRS900 gearbox minus case, leyshaft, Mainsfaft
8593L2000Scania124 `R` cabGRS900Turns rough and no turret
7927I2004Scania164 `R` cabGRS900RTurns Partial burn out, all gears heat marked -less Range unit
7882I2005ScaniaP420GRS900 OpticruiseOpticruise top only
8822M2002VolvoFL6-HFS/5206A VTurns
8009I2005VolvoFM12VT2412BRange unit only
8010I2005VolvoFM12VT2412BRange unit,turret and selector only