Snows Commercials Ltd. Truck Recent Stock Arrival - updated 18 April, 2024
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Stock Ref Reg Year Make Model Type Engine Gearbox Axle
9506T2014Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU Pusher
9505T2012ManTGM 18.2504x2 Rigid fridgeD0836 LFL63
9504T2018ScaniaP4108x4 Tipper
9503T2015ScaniaR4506x2 TU Midlift+SteerDC13
9502T2018Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherD13K500 EUVI
9501T2023ScaniaR4506x2 TU Pusher
9500TManTGL 7.1804x2 Rigid vanManual
9499T2017DafCF-260 (Euro 6)4x2 Rigid vanPX-7 194 K1
9498T2016ScaniaR4506x2 TU Midlift+Steer
9497TScaniaR4506x2 TU Midlift+Steer
9496TScaniaR4506x2 TU Midlift+Steer
9495T2014ScaniaP4108x2 TankerDC13 115 410hp >
9494T2019RenaultT4806x2 TU PusherDTI 13 480#
9493T2021ManTGX 26.5106x2 TU Pusher510hp12TX2620 TD (Traxon)HY-1344 04
9492T2019DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Midlift+SteerMX-13 355 H2 (480hp)12TX2210 TD (Traxon)1344
9491T2022Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherD13K500AT2612FRSS1352A(MS13 17XHE)
9490T2006Daf55LF-2204x2 Tipper220hp6S8501132
9489T2020DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Midlift+SteerMX-13 (480hp)12TX2210 TD (Traxon)1344
9488T2015ScaniaR4506x2 TU PusherDC13 124 450hpGRS905 OpticruiseR780
9487T2017DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Rear liftMX-13 375 H1 (510hp)12AS2541 TD + Int1347
9486T2017Iveco460 Stralis AT6x2 TU PusherF3GFE611E >12TX2210 TD (Traxon)MS 17X EVO
9485T2004ManTGA 26.3636x4 TankerD2866 LF2712AS2301 TO + Int
9484T2017DafCF-260 (Euro 6)4x2 Tautliner
9483T2016DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Midlift+SteerMX-13 340 H1(460hp)>12AS2330 TD1344
9482T2019TemsaHD12 RHDCoachMX-11 271 H1ZF EcolineCast axle type
9481T2017DafCF-450 (Euro 6)6x2 TU Midlift+SteerMX-11 >12TX2210 TD (Traxon)1344
9480T2022DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Midlift+SteerMX-13 - (480hp)12TX2210 TD (Traxon)1344
9479S2013ScaniaP3608x2 TankerDC13 114 (360hp)GRS905R780
9478S2013Daf85CF-4104x2 TUMX 300U1 (410hp)12AS2130 TD1347
9477S2021DafCF-530 (Euro 6)6x2 TU steerMX-13 390 H?12TX2620 TD (Traxon)1347
9476S2017ScaniaR4506x2 TU Rear liftDC13 147 450hpGRS905 OpticruiseR780
9475S2016TrailerGray & AdamsTrailer 2 axle
9474S2013ScaniaP3604x2 TUDC13 06 (360hp)GR905R780
9473S2018Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherD13K540 EUVIAT2612FRSS1356 (EV91)
9472S2017Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherD13K500 EUVIAT2612FRS1356SV (EV91)
9471S2021IsuzuN75.190 Forward4x2 Rigid vanRJS Euro 6Easyshift (Auto)Dropout
9470S2015ScaniaP4108x2 FlatDC13 115 410hp >GRS905 Manual #R780
9469S2017ScaniaR4506x2 TU PusherDC13 148 450hpGRS905 OpticruiseR780
9468S2021ScaniaR4506x2 TU PusherDC13 164 450hp >GRS905 Opticruise >R780
9467S2016Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherD13K460 EUVIAT2612ERSS1356 (EV91)
9466S2016Daf45LF-1804x2 Rigid vanPX-5 135 H16AS700 T0 (less ecu)45LF Disc brake
9465S2017MercedesArocs 32408x4 TipperOM470 >G211-12 >Non hub reduction
9464S2015MercedesActros 18364x2 TUOM470LA.6-3-00G211-12R440-13,0 / C22.5
9463S2017Volvo FHFH V46x4 TUD13K460 EUVI >No GearboxRTS2370A (MD15&MS15)
9462S2019Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherD13K500 EUVIAT2612FRS1356SV (EV91)
9461S2017DafCF-460 (Euro 6)6x2 TU Midlift+SteerMX-13 340 H1 (460hp)12AS2330 TD1344
9459S2017ScaniaP3708x2 TankerDC13 116 370hpGRS905 Opticruise #R780
9458S2020TrailerSDCTrailer 3 Axle
9457S2018VolvoFE-3204x2 Rigid fridgeD7E-320 >
9456S2013Daf55LF-2204x2 RoadsweeperGR 165 U2FS/63091022
9455S2019ManTGS 24.4606x2 TU Pusher460hp > seized12TX2620 TD (Traxon)HY1350 12
9454S2007ManTGA 26.4806x2 TU Rear liftD2676 LF0512AS >HY1350 03
9453S2016ManTGX 26.4806x2 TU PusherD2676 LF4512AS2330 TDHY1350 15
9452S2016ManTGX 26.4806x2 TU Pusher480hp12AS2330 TDHY1350 15
9451S2016ManTGX 26.4806x2 TU PusherD2676 LF45 >12AS2330 TD >HY1350 15
9450S2011Daf75CF-3106x2 Rigid rear liftPR228 U112AS1630 TD1339
9449S2017MercedesArocs 32408x4 TipperOM470LA.6-8-01G211-12Non hub reduction
9448S2013Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherD13C540S EUVAT2612DRS1356SV (EV91)
9447S2011Daf85CF-4606x2 TU Midlift+SteerMX 340U1 (460hp)12AS2330 TD1347
9446S2017RenaultT4606x2 TU PusherDTI 11 460 EUVIAT2412FMS 17X EVO
9445S2014Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherD13K460 EUVIAT2612ERSS1356 (EV91)
9444S2017DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Midlift+SteerMX-13 340 H1 (460hp)12AS2330 TD1344
9443S2015MercedesActros 25306x2 Rigid rear liftOM936LA.6-3-00G140-8R440-13,0/C22.5
9442S2016DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Midlift+Steer460hp12AS2330 TD1344
9441S2015ScaniaR5206x2 TU PusherDC16 101 520hp >GRS905RR780
9440S2016ScaniaR4106x2 TU PusherDC13 115GRS905 OpticruiseR780
9439S2008ManTGM 18.2404x2 Rigid fridgeD0836 LFL5312AS 1210 T0HY1133-00
9438S2023Iveco460 Stralis S-Way4x2 TUF3HGE601A12TX2011 TO (Traxon)MS 17X
9437S2019DafCF-450 (Euro 6)4x2 TUMX-11 330 H2 450hp >12TX2210 TD (Traxon)1344
9436S2013ScaniaR4406x2 TU PusherDC13 112 440hpGRS905 OpticruiseR780
9435S2016DafCF-330 (Euro 6)6x2 Rigid rear liftMX-11 240H1 (330hp)12AS1930 TO1344
9434S2018DafXF Euro 66x2 TU Midlift+Steer MX-13 390 H2(530hp)12TX2620 TD (Traxon)1347
9433S2017Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU Rear liftD13K500 EUVIAT2612FRSS1356 (EV91)
9432S2018Iveco460 Stralis Hi-Way6x2 TU Midlift+SteerF3GFE611E12TX2210 TD (Traxon)MS 17X EVO
9431S2016Volvo FHFH V46x2 TU PusherD13K460 EUVIAT2612FRSS1356 (EV91)